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Andy Betts
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We love hearing from clients using the BrightEdge platform to learn how it helps them drive success and how we can support them in their endeavors.

Share16 is now just days away. We are excitedly wrapping up the final details as we get ready to meet with some of Speaking with BFO about using the BrightEdge platformthe world's best marketers to discuss the latest trends and best practices. We spoke with the SEO team from Be Found Online, an agency based in Chicago, who is also one of our co-marketing partners. They will join us at Share, and we wanted to chat about how they use our platform in their work and how it influences their progress. It was a great conversation, so we wanted to share some highlights with you.

BrightEdge: What problems does using the BrightEdge platform help you solve?

BFO Team: "It is often difficult to find holistic, competitive data," begins SEO Analyst, Adam Woodburn. "The Share of Voice feature in conjunction with Data Cube has been quite helpful in tackling client requests and in-depth competitive analyses." Adds Dianna Kersey, the Account Director, "BrightEdge offers us valuable insight into keyword ranking opportunities, gaps in content, local 3-pack performance, data analysis, and competitive insights. Of course, we also cannot forget the importance of the smartphone search engine performance analysis as an ever increasing number of consumers use mobile."

BE: What platform functionality do you use the most?

BFO: Dianna Kersey begins, "I find myself regularly using the gap analysis, page reporting features, Share of Voice, StoryBuilder, and Recommendations. I also regularly adjust my settings to dive into the mobile and local insights so that I can see specifically how we are performing in those channels." Dalton Finney, an SEO Analyst adds, "Besides using the reporting and campaign features for regular client updates, I am also a big user of the Share of Voice capabilities to help assess competitive threats. Site audit also helps me ensure that our clients' site fundamentals are solid and the backlink reporting uncovers new potential backlink opportunities.

How does using the BrightEdge platform impact your content marketing and your editorial calendar?

BFO: Dianna Kersey explains the impact of BrightEdge: By using the Data Cube analyzer, I can compare a client’s website and review where we rank for Universal performances for more than just keywords. I can review images, videos, Quick Answers, and the local 3-pack. I can also run the GAP analysis between a client and their top competitors to determine which keywords are missing. This helps me build out a content strategy for new material and page optimization. “I have also seen some great successes over this past year. For example, I was analyzing Local 3-pack data regarding how performance changed from a Google national desktop search engine to a Google local smartphone search engine. The changes in ranking, traffic, and revenue were significantly different from the ‘near me’ local 3-pack target campaigns.”

BE: Tell us a little about your experience with the BrightEdge setup and how the platform impacts SEO support in your company.

BFO: Dianna Kersey says, “We received excellent training and technical team support that made the platform easy to setup and use. “We also use the platform for page reporting and understanding conversions at the page level. This helps us to analyze against our competitors and inform us of new optimization opportunities. The automated reports sent each week are also a huge time saver.”

BE: How useful is the industry content and resources that BrightEdge puts out?

BFO: Dalton Finney says, “I look forward to the white papers and the POVs that BrightEdge releases about changes in the SEO landscape. As opposed to many SEO blogs, BrightEdge resources focus squarely on how these changes impact our jobs and our clients and what we can do to take action today. This is very helpful.”

BE: What functions does using the BrightEdge platform uniquely enable you to tackle?

BFO: Dianna Kersey replied, “I am able to make real decisions for content, competitor optimizations, and to accurately determine and measure the impact of my prior changes. I love being able to track more than one search engine for a keyword group to truly gauge national, local, and hyperlocal rankings and performance.”

BE: What are the benefits of a fully-integrated tool versus a standalone solution?

BFO: Ben Hocking, the SEO Director for the agency, fielded this question. “A fully integrated tool becomes more and more essential the larger your company gets. Oftentimes, the biggest hurdle to SEO success in enterprise organizations is getting everyone on the same page as far as performance goes and what the next step will be to beat your competitors in organic search.”

We always enjoy getting perspective from our clients on how they use our platform and how BrightEdge helps them reach their SEO goals. We look forward to chatting more with the BFO team at Share in just a few days and we hope you will join us. Steve Krull, the co-founder of BFO will be speaking on October 25 about the content management cycle, so come listen in! We look forward to seeing everyone at Share next week.