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At BrightEdge we’re committed to helping our clients succeed in SEO and Content Marketing, and are excited to kickoff 2014 with our first release of the year, the ROI Release! It’s that time of the year, where many brands are budgeting and allocating time, resources, and budget investment in SEO and Content Marketing, so tracking Return on Investment is crucially important.

At BrightEdge, we worked with customers to identify the top three drivers for marketing ROI, and have introduced innovative new technology to address all three of these drivers, ensuring you’re able to drive the most return out of your search marketing program, and from BrightEdge S3. In this release we could not be more excited to deliver a multitude of business critical features to help our clients maximize SEO and Content Marketing ROI, while also unlocking all the powerful features available in BrightEdge. And, all of the great features in the BrightEdge ROI release are delivered to our customers at no additional cost!  

We’re thrilled to announce a massive update to our Patented Search Opportunity Forecasting

SEO is increasingly being recognized as the largest source of traffic and customer acquisition. As such, organizations are increasing their focus on SEO as a channel, and looking to maximize value from their SEO programs. By quantifying the value of current and future SEO initiatives, marketers are able to make an executive business case for SEO investments, and focus on opportunities that deliver maximum results (such as revenue and cost savings).  

Search Opportunity Forecasting, a Patented BrightEdge innovation, provides financial SEO forecasting aligned directly with your business structure, such as individual business units, product categories, or aggregated across your entire business. With Search Opportunity Forecasting SEO practitioners are able to focus on the highest value opportunities, which in the competitive field of SEO puts you as a brand, or agency, ahead of your business competition.  

Drive greater SEO ROI with search opportunity forecasting

  • Forecast the value of projects - Assess the impact of future initiatives by looking at conversions or estimated traffic values to identify the best opportunities
  • Identify high-impact opportunities - Hone in on keywords with maximum potential, and model opportunities on new or existing keyword groups for additional focus
  • Make a business case for SEO - Drive executive investments in SEO by communicating the value of SEO across teams and clients

Create customizable forecasts aligned with your business

  • Align forecasts with your business - View forecasts for individual business units or product categories using keyword groups
  • Customize forecasts with metrics that matter - Create customized forecasts based on ranking goals, probability of rank improvement, adjusted search volume (i.e. account for seasonality), paid value, conversion values, and click through rates.
  • Ensure optimal keyword to page alignment - Verify that keywords are pointing to your top performing content
  • Model multiple scenarios - Based on aggressive, conservative, moderate and custom rank improvement scenarios for every chosen keyword opportunity

Take action and report on progress

  • Get Started Today - Pre-run forecasts are live in your account today, allowing you to identify your most valuable groups and take action right away
  • Take Action on Prescriptive Recommendations - Gauge the probability of ranking, prioritize high value keywords based on opportunity of ranking, and take action
  • Goal Gauge Chart - View a graphical representation of current vs. targeted estimated revenue and traffic values which you can easily add to any existing dashboard
  • Track Opportunities in a One-Click Dashboard - Track goals, see recommendations, view Share of Voice, analyze trended ranking table reports, and track progress from week to week. Schedule dashboards for email delivery.

We’re excited to announce BrightEdge online training & certification

Since we launched live training and certification at Share13 over 300 people have become BrightEdge Certified Professionals. BrightEdge’s core value is customer success, which includes empowering users to maximize their value from the BrightEdge platform and earn an industry recognized certification. BrightEdge S3 is the leading enterprise grade SEO platform and has developed a technical marketing credential that helps validate the expertise and knowledge of their more than 20,000 global users. By becoming a BrightEdge Certified Professional, users benefit from the growing demand for validated skills in using search and digital marketing technology. Now, our clients can learn from online training modules, with the flexibility to complete the certification at their own pace.     

We’ve continued our investment in secure search, by expanding the capabilities in Page Reporting

Page Reporting was first introduced at Share13, and over the past three releases we’ve continued to enhance this comprehensive solution to address secure search. Enhancements include:

  • Now includes Estimated Keyword Values, which helps restore partial keyword visibility to a page, and Keyword Discovery, which utilizes the BrightEdge index to identify additional keywords which drive page performance.
  • Social Signal and Backlink information pulled into Page Reporting.

With the enhancements to Page Reporting, brands have a complete post-Secure Search workflow

Secure search isn’t going away, and is only becoming more prevalent, with Yahoo’s recent announcement of 100% secure search. BrightEdge’s platform now has a comprehensive solution for Secure Search through Page Manager, Page Reporting, Google Webmaster Tools Integration, and Estimated Keyword Reporting.  

Integrate up to 20 Google Webmaster Tools sites in BrightEdge

Over the past 6+ years, we’ve built technology to help you stay ahead of the changes in search, and also technology that addresses the needs of our clients. That’s why we now integrate up to 20 Google Webmaster Tools sites in BrightEdge, helping you gain access to a greater number of keyword insights. 

Increased global support

The brands we work with have a global presence, which is why we have international offices, in-region Customer Success Managers, and now localized Help content in Japanese. Users can now view over 900 contextual Help topics in English or Japanese.  

We also continuously add local and global search engines with each release, and now support over 470 city/country/language/devices! We can’t wait to share all the latest enhancements to our platform, to help our clients succeed in SEO. Please check your email to register for one of our upcoming customer training webinars.