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Albert Gouyet
M Posted 13 years ago
t 2 min read

We are very excited to announce BrightEdge Connect.  In a nutshell, we are connecting the world of SEO to the universe of marketing with a new integration capability in our SEO platform.  This will - for the first time - bring SEO into the CMO suite.  It is already in production and is integrated with Webtrends, Omniture and other web analytics vendors.

Challenge: SEO is disconnected from CMO Suite. The problem in SEO today is that natural search is disconnected from other marketing channels. new capability at brightedge And the reason for this is simple.  Web analytics are not integrated with SEO.  If you think about it, paid search has a nice API that anyone can call to get information about a campaign but there is no equivalent for organic search.  If you want to find out what happened in SEO, you need a technology stack that - among many other things - can crawl the web at scale and connect it back into Web analytics. Because of this disconnect, we find CMOs don't fully understand SEO and as a result they typically underfund SEO - even though the evidence shows that SEO is one of the most profitable channels.

Solution: BrightEdge Connect - An Open Integration Layer. When we first launched BrightEdge, we talked about how after three years of development we were announcing the first platform that would allow marketers to manage SEO as easily as paid search.  We are very excited to now announce the next major step in turning SEO into a first class marketing channel. BrightEdge Connect is a new integration technology in our SEO platform that provides complete access into the BrightEdge SEO platform and also connectors that bring data into the platform.   The open bi-directional integration technology has many applications that we will talk about over time but our customers told us loud and clear that the most important priority was to integrate with Web Analytics, so that they can connect SEO with the rest of their marketing universe.

BrightEdge Connect Brings SEO to the CMO Suite. With BrightEdge Connect, we are bringing the whole universe of SEO into the CMO’s suite to finally connect the dots across all marketing channels.  For the first time, companies can create complete marketing dashboards that combine SEO with the metrics they use to measure and run their business. CMOs can now get a dashboard with a full view across all marketing programs, including SEO.  And the benefit is quite simple: it allows marketers to finally make the most out of all these opportunities without forgetting SEO, which may very well be the most important channel.