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Erik Newton
M Posted 10 years ago
t 3 min read

Last week, the biggest brains behind search marketing gathered in San Francisco to share their ideas on success in earned media at BrightEdge's premier digital marketing event, Share13. A dazzling list of speakers, headed by global leaders like Microsoft, Rosetta, Google, and top social networking sites, made the event a huge success with many key takeaways for all involved.

One of the biggest takeaways can be summed up in one word: mobile. It is no secret that the number of users searching on mobile devices has skyrocketed. The real question is how is this new trend impacting your business? Or better yet, how do you take advantage of the growth in mobile traffic to maximize ROI across devices? BrightEdge has answers.

BrightEdge recently released our MobileShare Report that shows the growth in mobile search and how search, traffic, and conversions vary greatly across different device types. On the heels of that research we just announced brand new features to help our customers gain insight into how this massive industry trend affects their bottom line and how to take advantage of it.  

Mobile Share of Voice

The patented BrightEdge Share of Voice technology has always been a go-to tool to provide insight into how your pages stand up to competition on desktop devices. Now, Share of Voice goes mobile to give you instant visibility into your mobile competitive landscape for tablet and smartphone. If you’re not sure how the mobile trend is affecting your business, Share of Voice is a quick way to see the big picture; you may be surprised how your market share differs across devices.     

Mobile Site Audit

It's not enough, however, just to observe the shift towards mobile. You need to take action and optimize your pages specifically for this type of traffic in order to be effective. BrightEdge Site Audit now features an analysis for mobile-specific search results. We've gone ahead and done the homework for you to make sure that you're keeping in line with Google's best practices by laying out their latest rules for this niche.     

Mobile Click Curves

This is one of my personal favorites from this release: BrightEdge Click Curves. Click Curves provide valuable insight into how traffic is distributed on SERPs, and can be used to predict what click-through rate (CTR) your pages can expect. We're thrilled to be the first-to-market with click curves for tablet and smartphone, in addition to desktop. Now you can predict ROI from search channels with more accuracy and confidence.     

Enhanced Recommendations Experience

In other improvements, BrightEdge has enhanced its page-based recommendations. BrightEdge provides recommendations to help ensure your pages comply with search best-practices. Customers can now prioritize recommendations based on analytics metrics like visits, orders, and revenue. Additionally, users can now easily add the Recommendations Summary Report to any dashboard for a snapshot of top recommendations.     

BrightEdge Certification Program

It's the back-to-school season, and we've gone academic ourselves by introducing the BrightEdge Certification Program. Get trained and certified on core functionality to help you maximize value from the platform. Verify a marketable skill set and get a fancy certificate to frame for your desk!  

If you are a BrightEdge customer, you will have received the BrightEdge Share13 Release Summary by email - please take a minute to learn more about the release.

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