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We are proud to announce the release of Landing Page Optimizer (LPO) Intelligence. Our latest ground breaking innovation integrates seamlessly with Adobe Experience Manager to provide strategic landing page insight to marketers using AEM’s new performance targeting capabilities to test landing page success. Alongside our customer and partner Adobe, BrightEdge is empowering marketers with unmatched and accessible web-wide competitive insights to create high-performance landing pages. Powered by the BrightEdge Data Cube, LPO Intelligence leverages machine learning to automate decisions and systematize landing page testing, helping to increase conversion rates and deliver solid business impact.

Empowering marketers with the competitive edge

Today, marketers operate on a content battleground where they fight for their content to be heard above competitive noise. In order to win, marketers need to produce content that resonates with their audience, wins consumers’ attention and converts. It is increasingly important for marketers to understand the performance of their content within the context of the broader marketplace. Marketers have data visibility limited to their own content but no insight into content across the web that they are competing with. As a result many marketers struggle to build content that performs as they solely rely on first-party data rather than understanding the complete landscape of competing content across the entire Internet. Utilizing Landing Page Optimizer Intelligence marketers can:

  • Understand the content battleground for their landing page
  • Uncover page elements and offers that are used by pages that perform well in their vertical
  • Generate new test experiences automatically based on what is working for competing landing pages

BrightEdge LPO Integration

“As a data-driven marketer I am very excited about the BrightEdge LPO Intelligence integration in the Adobe Experience Manager environment. BrightEdge machine learning and the subsequent data-driven insights will further empower me in my role to ensure that content marketing performs with maximum efficiency and scale ” - Michael Kirchhoff, Director at PennWell Media

The power of complete sets of data compared to singular first-party data

For years, marketers have been stuck relying on first-party data to power their strategies — but this incomplete view simply hasn’t provided a full understanding of how content is performing. LPO Intelligence integrates with Adobe Experience Manager and automatically provides landing page recommendations that marketers should consider when using AEM’s new performance-targeting capabilities (powered by Adobe Target) to test landing page variations. Following on from our Content Optimizer 3.0 release last month, marketers can now understand the competitive battleground, optimize content at point of creation at scale and now gain the ultimate competitive edge through automation of landing page optimization. BrightEdge is integrating data insights with machine learning technology to further empower our customers, ensuring that their content performs with maximum efficiency and scale. Marketers who use LPO Intelligence alongside Content Optimizer 3.0 will now have access to an industry first complete set of data actionable insights and recommendations for all types of content.

“In any customer acquisition strategy, optimized and relevant landing pages are a competitive advantage, especially as brands vie for consumer attention. Marketers need strong content, analytics and personalization capabilities to come out on top. Our customers will be confident knowing that they are delivering the best digital experiences with Adobe Marketing Cloud and innovations from partners such as BrightEdge." - Loni Stark, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, Adobe

Some of the key LPO Intelligence features include:

  • Competitive Insights: LPO Intelligence is built on top of the powerful BrightEdge Data Cube, offering a unique web-wide view of content performance. It not only analyzes a brand’s own webpage but also offers unique insights into competitors’ landing pages. With inside insight on strategy and success, we’re delivering the same level of web-wide intelligence at scale that Facebook and Twitter bring to their consumers.
  • Mobile Best Practices: With our mobile-analysis component, we’ve identified the most competitive page elements across each vertical and have developed a set of common mistakes that negatively affect page performance. These tailored insights help marketers bring landing pages as close to ideal performance as possible, and actionable recommendations help marketers develop effective A/B testing.
  • Landing Page Experimentation and Optimization: Our LPO Intelligence technology also works to identify and dissect page layouts by industry and by competitors, helping unlock specifics, such as minimum spend necessary for free shipping across e-commerce company channels, or elements like effective CTA color, text and size. Instead of iterating with no improvements, marketers are offered prescriptive knowledge on boosting landing-page performance and can utilize this knowledge to inform landing page optimization through AEM’s performance-targeting features.
  • Internet Categorization Powered by Machine Learning: While many businesses are limited to their own websites in their use of machine learning, BrightEdge LPO Intelligence uses sophisticated natural language processes to crawl all headlines and CTAs across the web. In addition, search volume trending capabilities identify patterns to understand effective strategic elements. Finally, predictive analytics offer data-driven recommendations to bring landing page success to new heights.

Check out LPO Intelligence at Adobe Summit! Join us at Adobe Summit this week (March 10-13) to witness the LPO Intelligence in action! We’re at Booth #414. We hope you’ll come by to say hello and schedule a demo.