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Since 2007, BrightEdge has been dedicated to the SEO community by helping our customers stay ahead of the changing search landscape.

Over the past seven years we’ve seen SEO evolve with algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, the change to Secure Search, and a shift from keyword to content centric SEO. We’ve been here with you through it all! BrightEdge keeps our customers ahead of the curve for tomorrow’s SEO, by anticipating what is coming and focusing on innovation.

At BrightEdge our top value is customer success which is why we deliver SEO innovations 10X a year, have built the largest global customer success organization, and actively listen to your product ideas.

With our latest release we’re excited to announce two new programs, and great new features to help ignite your SEO success!

Jumpstart Your Success with Ignite Onboarding

We're committed to being your best partner in Enterprise SEO, which is why at the beginning of the year we introduced a formalized project-based onboarding program aligned with your business goals and strategies.

  • Get Up and Running Quickly – We’ll provision your account within 2 business days & integrate Google Webmaster Tools
  • Learn the BrightEdge Platform – With dedicated one-one-one onboarding assistance from a Certified Onboarding Manager
  • Global Training for All Users –  Whether you’re a team of 50 or an army of one, we’ll coach you through each section of BrightEdge
  • Deep Dive into an Area of Focus – Choose from one of 9 guided Ignite Projects aligned with your goals & strategies

Ignite Onboarding complements our professional training and certification, ensuring our customers have the skills to take full advantage of the BrightEdge platform.

BrightEdge training and certification can be completed online in self-paced modules, or in-person at Share14.

Voice of Customer Program

What many customers like about partnering with BrightEdge is that their voices are heard. We’re committed to being your best partner in Enterprise SEO and listening to your great product ideas.

Each of our ten releases a year include new features based on the cumulative ideas of our customers that result in highly-adopted features.

Collaborative Innovation with Voice of Customer

BrightEdge Voice of Customer provides an opportunity to:

  • Engage directly with the BrightEdge Product Team
  • Make an impact on industry-wide innovations that benefit your bottom line
  • Contribute feedback and be heard

The Feature Ideas Portal is the newest addition to our Voice of Customer program, which includes our BrightEdge Certified LinkedIn Group discussions and direct input to our Customer Success team via Onboarding, Client Services, and Strategic Account Managers.  

Expanded Global Data Cube Coverage

As always, this release includes great technology advancements. We’ve expanded our Global Data Cube to include Australia and Germany. Learn More About the Data Cube 

Global, Local, and Mobile: Expanded Coverage, Support for 550+ Search Engines

Today’s SERPs are also local in nature, and can have a large variance between cities. BrightEdge Local Search Management extends the power of BrightEdge S3 to local SEO, and helps you precisely target local search trends, gain insights into local competitors, and optimize your SEO strategies by location.

In this release, we’ve added 81 new cities (via Voice of Customer ideas) to our local search management capabilities, bringing our total search engine coverage to 556 city, country, language, and device combinations.