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Matt Saunders
M Posted 9 years ago
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Content Marketing

Did You Know… That the BrightEdge platform can provide a one-stop location for content strategy and optimization efforts? Every step of the content workflow from keyword research and competitive analysis to optimization recommendations and reporting can be managed within the platform. Talk with your agency for more ideas on effectively optimizing your content workflow!

Data Cube – unlock the power of Data Cube by pasting in a competitor domain or individual URL to see the terms they’re visible for, or start with a single keyword and build out a list of semantically related terms to target. Once potential terms are identified, quickly begin tracking them in your account to determine how well your client’s site is performing on those terms today.

brighetdge content workflow - Data Cube Search

Competitive Insights – once you’ve defined your target terms and mapped them to pages on the site, it’s time to understand how you stack up against the competition. BrightEdge helps you to understand the on- and off-page factors driving first page rankings for most visible competitors.

brightedge content workflow - Competitive Insights

Task Management – now that you know what your competition is doing, it’s time to beat them at their own game. Utilize the BrightEdge Recommendations Engine to ensure that important page elements are appropriately optimized. Assign content writers specific tasks to complete and track progress throughout the entire content workflow.

brightedge content workflow - Task Details

Report on Results – with unlimited customizable dashboards, you can create a story tailored to multiple client stakeholders. Stick to the high-level business metrics that matter to executives and get granular about rankings with brand managers in separate reports then automate delivery.

brightedge content workflow - Report on Results