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Duy Vu is the SEO manager at Assurance, overseeing all the SEO initiatives for their web properties. He is their self-described ‘go-to’ SEO guy, and we thought that it sounded like he would have some excellent insights into the ever-developing digital marketing industry. Duy Vu will be joining us in just a few weeks for Share15, so we took the time to sit down with him and talk about the upcoming conference and his latest insights into the digital marketing world.

Duy Vu Share15 Assurant - brightedgeBuilding Your SEO Brand and Reputation

Bright Edge (BE): What project will you speak about at Share15?

Duy Vu (DV): I plan on exploring the intersection of SEO and reputation management. It is a topic on the mind of many marketers and brands who want to venture into digital marketing but worry about controlling how their brands are perceived online. They want to know how to remain up-to-date on what people are saying about their brands and what they can do to improve their brand perception.

I plan on delving into a variety of tactics people can employ to strengthen their SEO while also improving their reputation and their relationship with their customers. The people who are most successful with SEO and managing their brand perception focus chiefly on building a strong, positive relationship with their customers.

Understanding How People Search for Your Brand at Share15

BE: Why will attendees want to be sure to attend your session?

DV: Search and reputation management are critical subjects for all brands. We all know how quickly a bad customer experience or a poorly thought-out ad campaign can go viral and hurt a company’s reputation overnight. This prospect scares many companies. They know that they need to leverage digital media, but they want to make sure they do it right. It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that digital media and SEO offer you powerful tools for getting your message in front of customers, but people do not want to get burned by those same methods. I think that attendees at my session will learn a lot about search and reputation. I will delve into understanding how people search about your company, including brand and non-brand queries. I believe that reputation management is an area of SEO that does not get enough attention.

BE: How do you leverage BrightEdge to succeed in your goals?

DV: When you are looking to monitor and manage your reputation through social media, you have to be able to accurately measure your Share of Voice and what people are saying about you. The BrightEdge platform makes it easy to analyze your site and how it is performing as well as your Share of Voice and how people are responding to your brand across the digital world. It is an excellent tool that allows us to leverage all that our SEO strategies are capable of accomplishing.

The Mobile Opportunity

BE: What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing people in SEO?

DV: I think fully-integrated marketing is definitely up there. Many companies have siloed experiences rather than integrated. The problem with keeping your various channels separate, however, is that every challenge and development in one area of your campaign has implications across the other channels. It is important to learn how to bring the groups together. This past year has also been big with the various algorithm updates, particularly the mobile update. Some of our web properties had not been mobile-optimized and we really had to get on the ball and make sure they were ready. I think that experience was shared by people across the marketing world. It is important to always be looking ahead and staying abreast of the latest developments to try and stay in front of the changes.

The Need to Experiment with Content and SEO

BE: What would you recommend to people looking to succeed in SEO?

DV: Always experiment. It sounds simple, but so many people get caught up in just doing the recommended updates and implementing the advice from the latest gurus. The reason why those thought leaders have obtained their position, however, is that they are always looking for new ways to improve their SEO-- they are experimenting. You also need to play around with different aspects of your content and see how your website and brand reach responds. You could find some great new broad insights or just learn new ways to implement techniques specifically for your brand.

It is always a pleasure to chat with Duy, and we look forward to continuing the conversation at Share15 in just a few weeks. If you have not registered to join us, sign up now!

Conference Details September 21-23 Westin St. Francis San Francisco, CA