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Nag Patta
M Posted 11 years ago
t 1 min read

Starting this week, we will take an occasional walk down memory lane to re-visit our immensely successful industry event BrightEdge Share 11. The event featured amazing thought-leadership from the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe and Gap. Much of the content dealt with the fast-changing nature of digital marketing which should strike a chord with marketers trying to make sense of the changes in user behavior and the resulting response by companies like Google, Facebook and Bing.  Every other week, I'll share a couple of sessions from the heavy-weights at Share 11 including:  

BrightEdge Share 11 Featured Marketing Pioneers  

Jim Yu's keynote on the future of digital marketing

The keynote by our CEO Jim Yu discusses the trends in digital marketing that call for an integrated approach to managing sites, search and social media. Jim talks about the tectonic shifts in search, the phenomenal rise of social signals, and how these present opportunities for marketers. Personally, I find the keynote quite prophetic given the recent spate of search engine algorithm changes like Google's Search, Plus Your World and introduction of Google+ Local. Hope you find this keynote useful. If you do, please share using the buttons below!