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M Posted 9 years ago
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Content Marketing

Moneyball Marketing

Tune in to hear BrightEdge VP of Marketing and Products Brad Mattick speak with the Glenn Gow, the CEO of Crimson Marketing, in an exclusive podcast interview on Moneyball for Marketing.

The Moneyball for Marketing podcast invites leading industry guests to examine how marketers can apply big data and technology to improve their strategies. Brad sat down to discuss the state of content marketing.

In the 20-minute podcast titled, Brad and Glenn dig into the enormous influx of digital content that’s created and shared daily, the challenge of making sense of all of it, and how to effectively use the data that’s available to marketers. Nowadays, nearly every brand is a publisher, producing seemingly endless amounts of content to compete for the ultimate prize of consumers’ attention.

The result is what we like to refer to as a “content battleground” — and in order to win that battle, brands will have to be identify what content works, and what doesn’t. Brad shares best practices for winning the content battle, including why brands need to incorporate automated data insights to guide them on the “why’s” and “how’s” of their marketing strategies, and why brands must move past first party data alone to understand the broader competitive landscape.

Content does not live in a vacuum, so being able to understand the ins and outs of your competitors will give you a leg up when it comes time to battle. Just as athletes watch rivals’ film to prep and practice prior to the big game, marketers can prepare for the content battleground by understanding competitor strategy.

Check out the recording to hear Brad’s take on where content marketing is headed and how brands can use data technology to understand content marketing performance and win on the content battleground.

For more details on the content battleground, also check out our new thought leadership white paper, produced jointly by BrightEdge and SAP.

This free-to-download paper shares insights, best practices, and a three-part process to guarantee content marketing success.