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Here at Brightedge, we’re proud to announce the opening of our expanded Cleveland, Ohio office.

Considered one of the hottest cities in America by Forbes and home to a hub of leadership activity in the content marketing industry, Cleveland and BrightEdge are forging a long-term partnership between our world-class enterprise SEO and content performance platform. Cleveland is also the home to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), and the largest Content Marketing Convention, Content Marketing World, just makes sense.

It isn’t often that a startup moves a hub function from Silicon Valley to another city, but Cleveland isn’t just any place. In fact, out of the 12 cities we looked at in plotting our strategic growth, Cleveland stood out above and beyond the competition thanks to the strength of its universities, its embrace of the incoming tech industry, and the quality of talent in the area.

A Visit from the Mayor and TV Coverage

Last week was an amazing week for BrightEdge Cleveland with a visit from Mayor Frank G. Jackson and an interview on local TV with our CTO and BrightEdge co-founder Lemuel Park.

Mayor Jackson at BrightEdge Cleveland hiring

View the video from the opening ceremony and interviews with BrightEdge and with Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute on the Cleveland opportunity. For those reasons and more, we think of our continued expansion into Cleveland as more than a change of scenery. In fact, our new office represents a confident investment in the city’s future and its people’s contributions to the tech and marketing.

Our new Cleveland Office

Clevelanders will likely be familiar with the site of our new home as we land at a popular downtown fixture in Tower City. Our team members will have convenient access to public transportation thanks to the in-building terminal’s service as a main hub for the city’s rapid-transit lines as well as immediate access to shopping, dining, cinema and more.

Housed on the fifth floor of Terminal Tower, the new BrightEdge office covers 10,000 square feet and houses 21 employees. To put that into context, that’s more than double the 10 employees we started with in Cleveland, back when we were in the Regis Building and 20 times as large as the 500 square feet that comprised our initial space.

If the increase in square footage seems big, that’s because we have plans for the future to match. Our new space will allow us to house even more new team members comfortably as they fill out and work in positions we’ll be bringing to the area. If it seems that, by situating ourselves in Cleveland’s popular business and community center, we are saying that we’re here to stay—it’s because we are.

BrightEdge has incredible momentum and ambitious growth plans, so finding talented people is a top priority for our business right now.” Kevin Bobowski, SVP of Marketing at BrightEdge, said. “Cleveland’s talent pool is a perfect fit for our business – we’ve already had a very successful start – and we are excited to expand our Cleveland presence and support the growth of Cleveland’s tech industry.

You can read the full press release.

Economic Impact and Recruitment

As marketing talent from around the world converges in Cleveland and as graduating college classes swell with new faces seeking to start their careers, Brightedge hopes to attract the area’s top talent to help us as we pursue ambitious, intelligent growth.  Along with our new office, Brightedge will open an array of positions for application to our sales team.

We’ll need to fill 45 new positions to help us meet our growth goals, and will offer entry-level, management and executive positions to those who seek to join Brightedge’s largest sales team yet.

You can find out more about current job opportunities for Cleveland on our Careers Page.

Brightedge will create footholds in the community for those looking to build long-lasting, cutting-edge careers in Cleveland’s rapidly ascending marketing industry. The direct and indirect economic stimulation spurred by this move, we believe, will be only one of many contributions our business makes to the region.

Looking Forward

Contributing to the economy through job creation is just one of the ways BrightEdge hopes to invest in and partner with the people of Cleveland. We understand that, unless we demonstrate kindness, caring and empathy, some voices can be drowned out by the march of progress. Oftentimes those voices belong to the most economically vulnerable people in the communities we occupy. 

Our Cleveland team recognizes the importance of serving the local community and has committed to donating to local food banks regularly. Over the holiday season, our team adopted a family in need to provide with items for a comfortable and happy winter.

As we move forward and continue to integrate ourselves into Cleveland, we renew our commitment to serving the community and will actively seek partnerships that serve Clevelanders of all kinds.

A Part of Something Greater

Our downtown Cleveland office joins an international network of BrightEdge Facilities, all of which work together to provide our customers with the cutting-edge standard in content marketing solutions.

With offices in London, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, Japan, Australia and, of course, our headquarters in Foster City, California, Brightedge’s influence in the marketing industry is far-reaching—and with the opening of our Cleveland office, we will bring Cleveland’s talent into that international conversation.

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