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Albert Gouyet
M Posted 13 years ago
t 1 min read

Today we are proud to announce that BrightEdge and blekko have partnered to deliver new powerful capabilities in the world of SEO. This is the first time that a search engine has partnered with an SEO platform and we are  excited at the possibilities opened by this new type of partnership. Blekko is an innovative search engine with special capabilities to filter out spam and clutter from organic search results. Blekko offers the concept of slashtags to refine search results whereby users can mark search results as spam, and remove them from future searches. BrightEdge, combined with blekko’s real-time link graph will be utilized to track one’s own link building performance, as well as diagnose and remedy potential issues - such as paid links - that they might not aware off (see New York Times article).  Brands will also be able to keep their competitors in check and determine if sites ranking ahead of them are guilty of using black hat link building schemes. This is a long overdue day for the world of search and SEO.  Both users and legitimate search marketers will benefit from less clutter on the web and more high relevance/high quality results.   We cannot wait to roll these new capabilities to our customers!