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Matt Saunders
M Posted 9 years ago
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The BrightEdge platform can integrate with your client’s analytics suite to provide reporting that mirrors your strategy and can clearly articulate the impact of your efforts. BrightEdge makes it easy for you to report on what matters most to your clients – traffic, conversion and revenue! Talk with your agency CSM for more ideas on developing best-in-class reporting for your clients.

FULL DIGITAL LANDSCAPE: Compare organic visit, conversion and revenue performance against other traffic sources, including: PPC, social media & direct. Full Digital Landscape for automated reporting - brightedge

OVERALL SEO PERFORMANCE: View organic performance trends for traffic and revenue performance over time, easily toggle between:

  • Dates Ranges – view in weekly, monthly or quarterly cadence
  • Device Type – see performance for desktop, smartphone and tablet
  • Search Engine – highlight performance in Google, Bing & Yahoo individually

Overall SEO Performance for automated reporting - brightedge SEO PERFORMANCE BY SEGMENT: Generate reports that visually display data to mirror your SEO strategy. Setting up Page Groups is an important step to enable this capability. Some common ways to setup Page Groups include:

  • Align with keyword groups
  • Site section or hierarchy
  • Line of business groups

SEO Performance by Segment SEO PERFORMANCE BY PAGE: Get a granular look at the performance of individual pages being targeted for optimization and easily highlight improvements over time