BrightEdge First To Make SEO "Social"

BrightEdge Now Allows Marketers to Optimize Social Channels for SEO

SAN MATEO, Calif – March 7, 2011BrightEdge, the world’s first enterprise class SEO platform that helps brands rise above the increasing clutter on the Web, today announced that the BrightEdge solution now identifies and predicts the impact of social media on SEO.

BrightEdge is integrating social media signals into the powerful BrightEdge SEO platform, giving marketers valuable insights that allow them to optimize their social media activity for SEO Return on Investment. As part of this offering, BrightEdge will analyze the content of tweets and Facebook “likes” to pinpoint the exact areas in social media that will boost SEO, and offer actionable recommendations to increase activity in these places.

"The million dollar question is how to tie everything 'social' to ROI," said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. "With these capabilities, brands can derive additional measurable ROI from their social media activities and make sure that their message breaks through the massive amount of social content that is created every day."

Search engines are increasingly focusing on integrating social content into search results. BrightEdge will offer unique reporting for brands to identify the competitive social media strategies that impact organic search rankings. Social media results will be officially integrated into the BrightEdge dashboards and insights, and BrightEdge will call out specific terms, keywords and activities that search engines are using as a signal for authority.

The social media insights from BrightEdge are integrated into the BrandSafe Link Audit Program, which can identify "black hat" SEO tactics that artificially improve a site’s ranking against important search terms. All BrightEdge customers can optimize social media activity with confidence that the techniques used are above board and 100% "white hat."