SEO Management

Suite of SEO Tools for Managers and Experts

BrightEdge is the leading SEO company helping 8400 global brands win in search. It offers the only integrated SEO Software management technology platform that combines SEO and business metrics into one-click reports, provides actionable recommendations on the best opportunities to gain share of organic search traffic, enabling SEO managers and experts to focus their efforts for maximum impact. Regardless of whether you are an ad, conversion, or e-commerce driven business, the BrightEdge SEO Platform helps you justify the resources you need to implement the SEO initiatives that matter most to your business.

Unique benefits for SEO managers:

  • Seamless integration of SEO and Business Metrics

With BrightEdge, you get all your executive and detailed SEO reporting in one place, ready for viewing or ad-hoc analysis. No more going to one place to get rankings and another to get traffic or conversions, and then spending hours to combine the two to make sense of discrepancies.

  • Complete visibility into competitive strategies

BrightEdge provides unprecedented visibility into the competitive SEO strategies for keyword, page, page template, and backlink. Use BrightEdge to understand the high volume keywords that your competition is targeting and that you currently don't rank on.

  • Translate strategies into action

BrightEdge's powerful analytics enable you to take complex SEO strategies and uncover the most important tactics that bring results. For example, use BrightEdge's Share of Voice to understand in an instant how each one of your competitors combines on-page, off-page, and site structure to boost their rankings on a given set of keywords.

  • A solution that can scale with your needs

As you increase your SEO footprint, you need scalable SEO strategies to deal with a growing number of keywords, pages, and page templates. BrightEdge's scalable infrastructure allows you to track any number of keywords, pages, backlinks and competitors.