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Dave Llloyd of Adobe on Global SEO Management
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Luisa Escobar of Marriott on Managing SEO in Hospitality
Marriott elevated its SEO success with the BrightEdge SEO platform.

The BrightEdge SEO platform enables marketing professionals to align & optimize content to improve business results from organic search traffic as measured by conversions and revenue. With the advent of secure search, Google’s ‘not provided’ and the impact of Google algorithm changes, search marketing now requires SEOs to work more closely with their content marketing colleagues to target demand, optimize content, and measure progress and results.

Enterprises value BrightEdge S3 SEO Recommendations, Blended Rank, Trended Share of Voice, Content Optimizer, Search Opportunity Forecasting, and Site Audit features. BrightEdge’s Data Cube also allows you to uncover your competitors’ content marketing strategies to develop superior content and search marketing results.