Your content is competing against thousands of brands across billions of pages.

Content Performance Marketing

Now you can run content by the numbers.

Success case: Home Depot

Learn how Erin Everhart runs content marketing by the numbers

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Content Performance Marketing

Last year marketers spent over $135 billion creating digital marketing content, however, this content has limited value unless it’s found and connected to ROI.

With BrightEdge Content Performance Marketing brands for the first time can predictably plan, optimize, and measure campaigns based on actual content performance.

I think if you’re not doing content performance marketing, you’re missing the boat.

Target Demand

The BrightEdge Data Cube provides marketers with a web-wide understanding of billions of pieces of content and consumer intent. Now you can understand your audience and the demand for content across the content battleground.

We use the Data Cube to really see how our content is performing.

Optimize Content

BrightEdge Content Optimizer empowers content authors with customizable recommendations that drive maximum content performance. Optimize 100% of your content to win at the time of creation.

BrightEdge allows us to confidently produce content that drives revenue.

Measure Results

BrightEdge StoryBuilder allows you to plan and run your content marketing campaigns based on their actual business performance. Flexibly and quickly understand the business impact of content marketing initiatives.

Content performance measurement is absolutely key.

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