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The quickest way to sabotage your new business
Jim Yu

When you first even think of building a company from scratch, a wealth of emotions washes over you: excitement, mostly, but also probably a little bit of nervousness. I would know — I left Salesforce in 2007 to start BrightEdge. But after taking the initial plunge, I found myself alone in my pursuit of BrightEdge and thought, “So this is what startup life is all about?” It suddenly became clear: I traded a stable career to try and transform the marketing industry without a business partner by my side. And that just wasn’t going to work.
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BrightEdge Launches Solutions To Measure Content Effectiveness And Engagement

Retail TouchPoints Staff February 02, 2016
BrightEdge, a content performance marketing platform, has launched Content Atlas and Intelligent Experiences.

Content marketing: understanding its role, value and ROI

Jim Yu February 01, 2016
According to ClickZ’s 2016 Digital Trends Report, it was reported as one of the most significant trends for brands heading into 2016 – with nearly a quarter of respondents saying that it was the most important trend for them.

Search Update Impact On SEO & Content Strategies: Staying Ahead With A Focus On Quality

Jim Yu January 26, 2016
Since Google was first launched in 1998, the company has been continually refining its search algorithm to better match users with online content. Over the years, many algorithm updates have targeted spammy and low-quality content in an effort to surface this content less frequently in search results. Other algorithm updates have been aimed at improving Google’s “understanding” of search queries and page content to better align search results with user intent.

5 Ways To Utilize Image-Based Content Through The Buying Cycle

Jim Yu January 12, 2016
Don't ignore the power of visuals. Columnist Jim Yu discusses ways you can take advantage of images and videos to convert customers.

5 Ways to Capture Audience Attention and Drive Content Performance

Erin Everhart January 11, 2016
With about $135 billion spent on content marketing in 2014, today’s brands are putting more resources than ever into producing great content. But, according to research by CMI, less than 40 percent of all content marketers are effective at content marketing -- which means that a lot of that spending is going to waste.

5 Essential Search Trends That Will Impact Online Revenue In 2016

Jim Yu December 29, 2015
The search and content marketing world has undergone some major changes during 2015. The stage has been set for a shift away from producing content for its own sake. Instead, there is a trend towards the use of search and social data to guide content creation. This development will be a critical part of boosting engagement for brands and helping their content attract the desired audience.

How small businesses can market directly to customers

Jamie Herzlich December 27, 2015
Consumers have a growing appetite for fresh content, and marketers are responding. In the coming year, 77 percent of business-to-customer marketers said they will produce more content, and 50 percent plan to increase spending on such efforts.

What We Learned in 2015: Your Favorite Experts Share

Bruce Clay December 23, 2015
Bruce Clay Inc. asked some of their favorite experts in digital marketing to answer one or both of these questions: What’s one thing you learned in 2015? What’s your resolution for 2016?

Content Culture: Our Top Content Marketing Columns For 2015

Desiree Everts DeNunzio December 23, 2015
Despite some concerns earlier this year that content marketing may have reached a plateau, there was still no stopping the forward march of content in 2015. The Content Marketing Institute’s most recent B2B Content Marketing Report found that the majority of B2B marketers — 88 percent — used content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Intelligent content creation in 2016: engagement and experiences

Jim Yu December 22, 2015
During 2015 we began to see signs of the content marketing industry maturing. There has been a shift away from creating content for contents’ sake and a much greater emphasis on the value of creating content with specific goals for specific people. Brands have begun to see the value of using search and social intelligence to guide content marketing planning decisions.