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Google Ad 4-pack now shown for 23% of all online search topics

Christopher Ratcliff May 12, 2016
Brand new research out today reveals that, since Google AdWords removed its right-hand side ads and brought in an occasional fourth paid ad position for ‘highly commercial’ search terms, this fourth ad appears for nearly one-quarter of all search topics.

BrightEdge opening Cleveland sales office; 3D Printing conference scheduled: Tech Czar Talk

Michael C. DeAloia April 10, 2016
Good news is happening for Cleveland's tech startup industry. After several area tech companies have packed their bags the past year and left Cleveland for greener pastures, a Silicon Valley based tech company is looking to build a large part of its operations in the Sixth City, which means huge potential for job seekers. This excitement takes place all the while the city is quickly becoming a 3D printing hub, which makes so much sense given the area's industrial roots.

Evangelizing organic search success: 5 steps to elevate performance

Jim Yu March 22, 2016
Working in the community of over 20,000 search and content professionals that our company (BrightEdge) has built, skilled practitioners often ask me how they can best elevate themselves professionally.

Search, social and content: Reaching digital marketing maturity

Jim Yu March 08, 2016
An estimated 67 percent of the buyer’s journey now takes place online. And as a result, brands are developing digital marketing strategies at increasing rates.

BrightEdge’s Mark Mitchell talks SEO trends

Quill Staff March 07, 2016
Once the remit of Silicon Valley developers alone, search engine optimisation is now a major focus of digital marketing teams. Increasingly complex algorithms from Google have turned SEO into both an artform and a science, powering an industry worth over $135 billion. BrightEdge, the leading SEO and content performance platform, knows what this means for the landscape of marketing. Quill asked VP Agencies, Mark Mitchell what he considered to be the major SEO trends for the coming year.

How to compete on the new Google SERP

Jim Yu March 07, 2016
Recent changes made to the Google SERP have taken many by surprise. Google has eliminated the sidebar ads that once appeared to the right of the results. They have also increased the number of ads allowed above the results, now showing up to four ads.

Content Mapping, Search Optimization And The Buyer’s Journey

Jim Yu February 23, 2016
Have you optimized your content for all stages of the buyer's journey? Columnist Jim Yu looks at how to create the right content at the right time to drive conversions.

The Modern-Day CMO: 7 Trends That Will Drive Digital Marketing Success

Jim Yu February 09, 2016
According to Gartner’s 2015–2016 CMO Spend Survey, digital marketing has moved into the mainstream, with 98 percent of marketers saying that digital methods are merging into the larger marketing operation.

BrightEdge Launches Solutions To Measure Content Effectiveness And Engagement

Retail TouchPoints Staff February 02, 2016
BrightEdge, a content performance marketing platform, has launched Content Atlas and Intelligent Experiences.

Content marketing: understanding its role, value and ROI

Jim Yu February 01, 2016
According to ClickZ’s 2016 Digital Trends Report, it was reported as one of the most significant trends for brands heading into 2016 – with nearly a quarter of respondents saying that it was the most important trend for them.