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3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

Jim Yu
The digital world has its pros and cons. On one hand, marketers can interact with consumers en masse at any time from any location, with the hope of cultivating brand loyalty and boosting the bottom line. On the other hand, the deluge of information can be overwhelming and downright irritating for consumers -- Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr alone produce 715,856 pieces of content per minute, according to Domo. Breaking through the noise and establishing a brand voice worth listening to requires a content approach that centers on relevancy, thoughtfulness and integrity.

Mobilegeddon Day: 3 Ways To Take Mobile Friendliness To The Next Level

Jim Yu April 21, 2015
Today is April 21 — the day Google officially launches its mobile friendly ranking algorithm. For sites that aren’t mobile friendly, this means a likely drop in traffic from the mobile audience moving forward. For sites that are mobile friendly, this means it’s time to up the game. In this post, I’ll outline three ways site owners and marketers can continue to be competitive in the mobile landscape and take advantage of the massive mobile opportunity long after they’ve become just “mobile friendly.”

How to avoid a startup failure

Jim Yu April 20, 2015
Filling a temporary need can be successful in the short-term, but it’s not sustainable. The Leadership Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely questions about careers and leadership. Today’s answer to the question “What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?” is by Jim Yu, CEO and co-founder of BrightEdge.

Knowing Your Customers: The Art of Real-Time Personalization

Jim Yu April 14, 2015
Seventy-four percent of consumers feel increasingly frustrated when the content of a website they are visiting does not address their needs. The idea of a one-size-fits-all approach to website design and marketing has begun to come crashing down.

The Content Battleground: The Importance Of Measurement

Jim Yu April 07, 2015
Content marketing has become big in the digital marketing world, but columnist Jim Yu reminds us that without measuring its performance, our message may be falling on deaf ears. Big brands are becoming big publishers in today’s world, where the lines are blurred between marketing, storytelling and content production. While more brands are creating and sharing more content, they’re not necessarily closing the loop with an ROI-focused approach as they would with other forms of marketing.

3 Ways To Boost Content Performance And Win The Battle For Attention

Jung Suh March 27, 2015
Companies are now publishers, no longer dependent on major networks to get their stories out. But competition is fierce– more than five exabytes of content is created and 27 million pieces shared every day. So how do you win the battle for attention? An obvious answer is to create more and more content, to “outshout” the competition. But in my view, that’s fighting the wrong war. In fact, it’s taking mass media thinking from the past and shoehorning it into the digital world. Today, winning requires more than sheer fire power.

Optimization On The Content Battleground: Human + Machine Learning

Jim Yu March 24, 2015
When it comes to search engine optimization, only one website can win the battle for top spot. Columnist Jim Yu argues that winning this battle means relying on machine learning to analyze and interpret data. Search engine optimization represents a battle for content visibility – one brand’s loss is another’s gain. Among the obstacles that stand in the way of claiming a larger share of search visibility, I would argue that the main ones have to do with the quality of data marketers are relying on right now.

Landing Page Conversion: Organic & Content Optimization

Jim Yu March 17, 2015
As a content and search marketing professional, driving targeted traffic through your content is one of the first goals in your strategy. Some marketers could stop there knowing they’ve done a good job, but as the C-suite is becoming more interested in how the organic search channel is contributing to conversions (and not just any conversions, but revenue), many marketers have a heightened interest in how to convert that traffic.

The Content Battleground: Performance Above The Noise

Jim Yu March 10, 2015
In the battleground that is online content, brands compete for attention. This has paved the way for countless marketing technology providers to emerge on the scene that attempt to increase our share of that attention. Unfortunately, the majority of technology providers focus heavily on the creation, automation and distribution of content and little on the measurement and performance of content. Knowing how our content is performing can help inform our digital marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Adobe Builds Partner Chain To Take On Marketing Funnel, Redefines Programmatic

Laurie Sullivan March 10, 2015
Search Marketing Daily
Adobe will announce a slew of partnerships Tuesday at its annual summit in Salt Lake City. IBM Interactive, Accenture Interactive, Rosetta, Razorfish, BrightEdge, Gigya and SapientNitro are among those on the list that will help the Salt Lake City company build out a network of integrated services. During Adobe's Summit 2015, BrightEdge will demonstrate a search engine optimization tool that the company calls LPO Intelligence. It integrates with Adobe Experience Manager to provide brand marketers with suggestions on how to optimize landing pages based on the landing pages of competing brands. It aims to solve the problem of a lack of information when it comes to optimization for pages tied to sitelinks or paid search advertisements, for example.

Why good isn't good enough for mobile

Jim Yu March 02, 2015
iMedia Connection
Within the last year, the integration of mobile into our daily lives expanded in a huge way. In fact, the Pew Internet Project found that nearly a third of all smartphone owners describe their phone as "something they can't imagine living without." So far in 2015, we've gotten a glimpse at just how ubiquitous mobile connectivity will become -- this year's Consumer Electronics Show showcased everything from connected watches to smart t-shirts. For marketers, the continuing mobile revolution presents a wealth of opportunities to engage with consumers. However, it also brings with it a set of challenges: We all know high-performance mobile content is important, but creating the best mobile experience while keeping up with such a fast-evolving ecosystem is difficult.