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Think With Google Interview's Jim Yu: Mobile Content for Micro-Moments

Jim Yu June 03, 2016

Understanding customer needs across the decision making journey helps marketers create content that drives business growth. Digital marketing leader and BrightEdge CEO, Jim Yu, offers advice on how to make content count.
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The CMO and the DCoE: 3 steps to build your digital center of excellence

Jim Yu July 26, 2016
DCoE isn't just another trendy acronym. A Digital Center of Excellence is essential for your organization's success, says columnist Jim Yu. He outlines three steps to help you build one.

Does Your Mobile Marketing Grab Consumers?

Tom Kaneshige July 25, 2016
Jim Yu had come far from growing up in an affordable housing unit in South Dakota—or so it seemed. He’d made his way to Silicon Valley, earning an MBA from Stanford University and a cushy job at Salesforce. But this landed Yu, his wife, Jamin, and newborn girl in a tiny 900-square foot condo in Foster City, where the region’s high cost-of-living eats up senior executive salaries.

Mobile marketing AMPlification: Content, performance and measurement

Jim Yu July 12, 2016
The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project was created to improve the mobile web experience; pages built with AMP HTML load instantly on mobile devices, allowing publishers to quickly serve users in their moments of need.

The ABC of Google Quick Answers

Jim Yu July 05, 2016
Google is increasing the number of queries that receive a Google Quick Answer box. The number of results that had an answer box went from just over 20% in December 2014 to more than 30% in May 2016.

The importance of micro-moments: The mobile customer journey

Jim Yu June 14, 2016
According to eMarketer, global mobile ad spend is expected to double from $100 billion in 2016 to nearly $200 billion in 2019 — accounting for over 70 percent of digital ad spend worldwide. This explosion in mobile ad spend mirrors the rapid growth of mobile, which has changed the game for advertisers and consumers alike.

Hybrid SEO: bright futures for personal & professional career progression

Jim Yu June 02, 2016
SEO is a challenging and rewarding career for people from a number of different types of backgrounds. It requires a degree of comfort with numbers, as SEO professionals should be able to look at the data coming in and understand how to make adjustments to improve the success of their campaign.

The 7 habits of highly effective digital marketers: agile skill sets

Jim Yu May 31, 2016
As the digital marketing industry matures, digital channels have converged. As customers have become more technologically savvy, they have become increasingly channel-agnostic. They readily use search and mobile channels, social media, email and display to engage with their key audiences — and they expect their organizations to be present and active on these channels, too.

Search intent signals: aligning organic & paid search strategy

Jim Yu May 17, 2016
Columnist Jim Yu explains how understanding searcher intent in regard to the buyer journey can help paid and online search marketers work together more effectively.

Google Ad 4-pack now shown for 23% of all online search topics

Christopher Ratcliff May 12, 2016
Brand new research out today reveals that, since Google AdWords removed its right-hand side ads and brought in an occasional fourth paid ad position for ‘highly commercial’ search terms, this fourth ad appears for nearly one-quarter of all search topics.

Search marketing in China: the rise of

Jim Yu May 09, 2016
Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine, is the third most popular search engine in the world, despite being mostly concentrated in and around China. That speaks clearly to the immense size and power of the Chinese market.