A content performance platform that moves at the speed of search

Search moves fast, Google changes their algorithm more than 500 times a year, that's more than once a day. When choosing an content performance marketing platform, look for a proven innovation leader, to help you stay ahead of the changes in search. Over 8,500 brands rely on BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise content performance because of our proven and public record of delivering new capabilities into the market first.

Localized Help Content

View over 900 contextual Help topics in English or Japanese. Gain the insights you need from the Help Section regarding features and best practices for managing SEO.

Page Reporting Est Traffic Reporting & Keyword Discovery

Page Reporting enhancements help restore keyword level traffic for a page. With Support of “estimated keyword values," users can toggle between the actuals and estimates mode. Then, users can discover keywords which are driving page performance, pulled in from the BrightEdge index & web analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

Our seamless self-service GWMT integration into BrightEdge S3 helps paint a fuller picture of organic search performance. Integrate up to 20 GWMT sites in BrightEdge. View data weekly, monthly, quarterly, or trended over time. Store data in BrightEdge (in GWMT data expires at the 3 month mark).


Comprehensive support of Naver, including universal results which unique to Naver include seven categories: images, videos, shopping, places, blogs, cafe, and knowledge.

Carousel Reporting

Gain complete visibility to uncover which of your terms display carousel results, understand your actual placement in the SERP inclusive of carousel and where your competitors rank. Metrics and strategies based on blended rank and not just text results alone are what marketers really need to succeed. BrightEdge is the first and only SEO platform to provide complete insight into blended rank, including carousel results.

We see what we structured with BrightEdge in a very collaborative way, a great partnership where we can continue to position ourselves in a world class digital marketing leadership role and absolutely the innovations that we’ve seen from BrightEdge have helped us.