Atomic212 & Torrens University Generate a 76% Improvement in SEO Leads

Discover how they increased organic conversions using the industry-leading SEO platform

improvement in non-brand visibility
increase in Quick Answers


Atomic212 works across both SEO and SEM for Torrens University, meaning that digital campaigns and learnings are always complementary between channels. Coming into the beginning of 2019, CPCs across education keywords were rising to a point of economic inefficiency. Thus, organic presence needed to improve to further support paid spend efficiency and drive lead volumes and quality. Further, Torrens University was faced with the objective of simultanously improving their on-site mobile experience for users as well as future-proofing the site for a more voice-search-active audience.


Since volume and quality of conversions were the key measures of success for stage one of using the BrightEdge platform, Atomic212 utilized SEM data to populate BrightEdge with keywords that represented the highest conversion values. Further, all of these recommendations were supported by BrightEdge's Opportunity Forecasting to project business results. Thus, all on-page Recommendations from BrightEdge informed upgrades that were conversion-focused with hundreds of unique insights aiding the amplification of Torrens' organic performance.

Further, researching in Data Cube where Torrens' best opportunities to secure organic SERP features were, these keywords were assigned target pages to inform optimization. Following this, Atomic212 worked with Torrens' CRO team to create a new design of course pages to suit mobile best practice and ensure pages were in an optimal structure to achieve in-SERP features, including Quick Answer, and subsequently trigger audible voice search responses. Atomic212 then utilized digital PR to build authoritative and relevant links to the Torrens domain and these course URLs in particular.


Following the publishing of all new pages in February 2019, the first two months of being live saw a 39% improvement in the number of featured snippets related to specific courses available on the Torrens website - each of which were recited audibly when the relevant voice search was made on mobile. The site also experienced a 14% increase in the number of non-brand queries organically appearing on page one. All of which culminated in a 76% YoY increase in organic conversions/leads on course-related pages. Since initiating the use of BrightEdge in October 2018, the Torrens website experienced a 101% improvement in non-brand visibility and a 105% increase in the number of Quick Answers.

BrightEdge allowed us to amplify and accelerate our SEO initiatives. The key insights, recommendations, and the different metrics we are tracking in our dashboards were integral to our SEO strategy. This led to marketing budget efficiency with organic channels supplementing our paid lead acquisition activities. With more indexed pages and better on-page SEO content structure, we've also increased the visibility of our web pages and future-proofed it for voice search, especially on relevant keywords. - Maricel Custodio, Head of Digital Marketing, Laureate International Universities ANZ