BrightEdge Mobile Optimization Solution

Critical resources for mobile search success

BrightEdge was the first to release mobile SEO technology in August 2013, including mobile analytics, mobile Share of Voice Reports, and Mobile Site Audit to assist brands in defining and executing a mobile search strategy.

In 2014 BrightEdge mobile research found that 62% of search results vary from mobile to desktop, that tablets and smartphones make up 35% of organic search traffic and mobile traffic was growing 10 times faster than desktop traffic. Misconfigured mobile websites lost 68% of smartphone traffic.

Mobile search in 2015 has many brands concerned about the impact of Google’s April 21 mobile algorithm update. Meanwhile, BrightEdge customers have had mobile technology in place for two years to help them understand their rank and the competitive landscape across 605 local, global and mobile search engines - equipping them to win in the competitive and strategic mobile battleground. BrightEdge research has calculated the impact of the mobile algorithm change in the first week on mobile SERP results.

Knowing how to optimize your site for mobile takes the right technology. You need to accurately understand the mobile experience your site is creating today and how to make improvements for tomorrow. Here are the major mobile capabilities BrightEdge provides:

  • Mobile Site Audit – provides recommendations to improve your mobile page SEO performance
  • Mobile Rankings – identifies your mobile ranking separately from your desktop rankings
  • Mobile Share of Voice – describes your full mobile competitive landscape for each of your content categories which can be easily benchmarked against your desktop competitors
  • Mobile StoryBuilder – enables dynamic multi-dimensional data visualization for mobile tracking
  • Analytics Integration – the industry’s broadest API integration with all the leading marketing analytics platforms that allows you to segment results by device type
  • Unified Platform – fully integrated platform with ultra-convenient UI and dashboards

How BrightEdge Helps with Mobile Optimization

BrightEdge takes mobile reporting beyond the webmaster and to the marketer with reporting that helps brands understand their SEO and content performance by device.

BrightEdge’s mobile SEO reporting allows users to track and measure mobile device performance with things like:

  1. Measuring true rank by device in Universal Search (image, video, social).
  2. Visibility into local SEO performance by keywords and keyword groups across cities.
  3. Tracking and reporting on keyword trends and rankings across device type.
  4. Optimizing mobile campaign performance for ecommerce.
  5. Understanding the competitive SEO landscape and “share of voice” for a brand across mobile devices.

The following screenshots show the BrightEdge mobile solution in action.

BrightEdge Mobile Search Solution

BrightEdge Mobile Audit

BrightEdge Mobile Keyword Rank

Our company is definitely focused on mobile. We want it to be a huge percentage of our business very soon. So having mobile search and SEO rankings from BrightEdge is going to be extremely helpful to us.