Keyword Recommendations

Manage Keyword Optimization Automatically & Identify Opportunities With Keyword Recommendations

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving space, and savvy marketers realize that creating an interesting and successful multi-channel online presence involves more than simply implementing the best practices. Today, digital marketers often find themselves neck-deep in data, trying to analyze every individual web page, and optimizing pages on an ad hoc basis.

BrightEdge’s strategic recommendations engine structures and automates what would otherwise be a time-consuming manual process, allowing marketers and agencies to focus their time on adding value by gaining immediate visibility, implementing high-level strategic changes, and demonstrating ROI.

Transcend best-practices to optimize keywords strategically and at scale

  • Assess
    • Gain real-time visibility into your entire keyword footprint, with custom analysis by group of keywords, keyword categories, keyword variants, and page templates
    • Stay competitive  with patented analysis on how your targeted keywords rank against all of the top 10 ranking pages, not just a segment of them
  •  360° Plan
    • BrightEdge’s comprehensive recommendation suite for keywords, backlinks , internal links , and social  recommendations give you an end-to-end strategy for your entire online presence
    • BrightEdge automatically generates recommendations prioritized by impact, risk, and difficulty, so you can quickly capture low-hanging fruit,while working towards long-term keyword ranking strategies
  • Move the needle
    • Easily assign customized recommendations using BrightEdge’s built in task and workflow  engine to coordinate changes across teams and roles
  • Demonstrate ROI
    • Directly tie changes made by your team to revenue generated online from resulting increases in keyword ranking, traffic, and conversions.

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The BrightEdge Team has been amazing in helping us learn the tool, setup which keywords we need to use, and learning how to use all the recommendations. They’ve been phenomenal in terms of being responsive.