BrightEdge "Do It For Me" Release

April 23, 2015

BrightEdge Do It For Me Release

We’re excited to unveil our latest release which empowers both experienced SEOs and digital marketers with breakthrough innovations that make it easier than ever to drive business results in search. We’re using our industry leading technology to help automate and increase your organic search success by “doing it for you”. Whether you’re new to search and overseeing multiple channels, or a dedicated technical SEO this release is chock full of innovations to help you drive more positive impact at your organization.

This release includes several new and unique product innovations:

Opportunity Forecasting: Now you can predict the business impact of search traffic, conversions and revenue. Search is the largest channel in digital marketing, and forecasts are based on real data to drive accurate and achievable forecasts. Watch Video

Global success: In this release we are increasing the number of currencies in our platform to a total of 16 currencies. In addition, we’ve added 21 new search engines (many of them smartphone and tablet) for a total of over 620 global search engines.

StoryBuilderThis game-changing technology makes it easier to discover stories that matter. This release includes a library of 15 stories designed in partnership with 1,000 of BrightEdge customers to help marketers tell a meaningful story around the impact of search, mobile and content marketing on the business. We also added numeric filters, cross-tab tables and several other enhancements. Watch Video

Anomaly Detection: Sit back, relax and let BrightEdge do it for you. Easy to set up anomaly detection provides real-time notifications in multiple formats when your tracked elements on the BrightEdge platform cross defined thresholds. Watch Video

Data Cube: The Data Cube keeps you ahead of mobile changes with the Google US Smartphone search engine. Easily see your mobile organic footprint, pinpoint what’s performing well and gain insights into competitor mobile strategies.