Insights into Actual Content Performance

Now every marketer can tell their story by harnessing the power of all digital marketing data (BrightEdge data, analytics, and your own data). With StoryBuilder brands can build beautiful charts and dashboards in seconds, and answer questions on the fly such as, what is their Year/Year revenue and visit performance by channel, how has mobile grown, and what’s their historical global vs. local performance.

With this data, marketers are able to measure their results in-real time, transform static data into insights, and insights into stories. StoryBuilder reports and visualizations can be changed dynamically, with the ability to easily highlight movers, and shakers, thus keeping an entire organization in-sync with results.

Flexibly and quickly understand the business impact of content

  • Integrate all content datasets
  • Show how content strategies drive business impact
  • Help target & shape high-impact content initiatives

All the Data Marketers Need to Tell Their Story

Story builder functionality

With StoryBuilder Brands Can Answer Thousands of Questions, including:

How Has Performance Improved Year/Year?

Story Builder sample chart

How is Revenue Trending Across our Top Product Categories?

story builder revenue chart

Is Organic Continuing to Drive the Dominant Marketshare of Traffic?

story builder channel report story builder revenue mix

What Device Types are Driving Website Traffic?

story builder technology

StoryBuilder is the most flexible and powerful way for content marketers to tell their story

With 5 Steps Marketers Can Build Their Story:

  1. Choose from 9 different chart types
  2. Pick a reporting topic
  3. Choose a key metric
  4. Slice & dice the data
  5. Preview their story

Story Builder interface

Once a marketer has built a story, they can easily change the chart type to preview other visualizations, add Events to annotate market or business changes, give the chart a name, and add the chart to any Dashboard. From there marketers can keep their entire organizations in-sync by setting up their Dashboard to automatically be emailed to their team.

Content performance measurement is absolutely key