Analysis Focuses Your Target Marketing on What Is Important

What does targeting mean in marketing?

A writer’s biggest challenge is not writing—it’s figuring out what to write about. This conundrum is exponentially more complicated for a content marketing writer. Not only must a piece be interesting and useful to its intended readers, but must also encompass a diverse set of criteria to match readers’ search intent to maximize its search rankings.

The discipline of SEO copywriting originally focused on how to create content that served both readers and search engines, but while the discover why analysis for target marketing is important - brightedgehow is now well understood, many are still searching for the what. At best, SEOs instructed writers on how to do keyword research for content marketing that would unearth potential terms or phrases that might help drive organic traffic, but with warnings such as, “Avoid targeting terms dominated by top brands,” and, “Purchase Google AdWords to test traffic.” Basically, the advice amounts to, “Try it after you buy it.”

BrightEdge Content has always helped you identify both the what and the how of content marketing, but it just got expansively better.

The BrightEdge Content keyword tool applies analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the most opportune topics, prioritized and categorized by their impact (likely Quick Answer, capitalize on local demand, weak competition, etc.). The algorithm accounts for competitors’ profiles through an SEO analysis, spanning their keywords, backlinks, and social strategies, to give you recommendations that are part of a strategy encompassing your entire online presence. This has always been part of our core functionality.

But now there’s target marketing. Targeted marketing marries your creative insights with several terabytes of SEO data, resulting in customized content marketing campaigns.

Targeted marketing returns content topics related to the term or terms you enter. You can adjust your analyses to include specific competitors, to exclude parts of your sites (the career section, e.g.), and to limit or expand the number of words in search terms, search volume, and amount of recommendations returned.

In short, you can now guide the BrightEdge Content platform toward the topics you care most about.

What is the purpose of target marketing?

  • Seed your own keywords to return multiple actionable content ideas
  • Target your competition to find the keyword strategies you can use to beat them
  • Discover additional topics with maximum effectiveness
  • Execute on campaign suggestions
  • Tune analysis parameters
  • Manage result sets and control whether you get a targeted set of related terms or a wider swath of possibilities

All reinforced by algorithm enhancements to ensure recommendations are right for your business.