Call for Speakers

You are invited to submit an abstract for Share13 - The Rise of Earned Media. All accepted speakers will receive complimentary admission to the event and their company logo will be displayed on the program. The conference promises to be packed with content from the world's leading brands.

Share your experience on the central, essential and vital role that SEO and earned media will play in the future of marketing.

Tracks and Suggested Topics

SEO - From Rank to Revenue

From Rank to ROI - the CMO imperative
For the first time, CMOs are able to deliver and communicate ROI and rank, making it critical for continued investments in SEO. Hear top brands talk about the unprecedented role organic search plays in growing the topline and strategies on how to drive real business results in a rapidly changing search landscape.
Integrated SEO strategies for the fragmented SERP
The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is more fragmented than ever. This is due to personalization of results based on user location and device, and the mix of multi-media in the SERP. Learn how leading brands get greater conversions and pay-off from organic search in the face of the changing SERP.
Search Forcasting elevates strategic impact and profile of SEO
Organic search represents a massive market opportunity when coupled with SEO. Learn how enterprise SEO experts use search forecasting as a powerful tool to channel resources towards the most impactful organic search projects.
Penguin 2.0 - Opportunities and recovery
Penguin 2.0 a.k.a. Penguin 4 promises to be the next generation technology designed to fight spam. Hear experienced SEO practitioners discuss how Penguin 2.0 fights web spam, opportunities for white hat marketers and recovery strategies for sites affected by Penguin.
Web Master Tools and SEO
Details coming soon
Search engine compliance - An evolving space
The search landscape is continuously being enhanced as search engines strive to improve user experience. How should marketers adapt to this evolving search space? What are the best practices for complying with search engine quality guidelines? See this interactive panel of SEO marketers discuss the core principles that help them win in a rapidly evolving industry.

Earned Media - Maximize your Impact

Marketer's Holy Grail - quality content marketing at scale
The new era of digital marketing, especially earned, gives marketers an opportunity to create insightful and experience-based content rather than enticing customers through broadcasting and advertising. This deeper level of content combined with organic search presents a new challenge – how to develop and distribute relevant and unique content consistently and at scale? Hear strategies and tactics that help leading brands win with content in the world of search and social.
Managing Facebook Graph Search - Social sharing meets SEO
The Facebook Graph Search embodies both search and social. With more than a billon users, ranking in a Facebook Graph Search is a substantial opportunity for marketers to tap into the power of social networks. While this might seem like a daunting task, marketers can lean on proven SEO practices to win in Facebook Graph Search - Facebook and top brands show you how in this session.
Twitter listening - Good for search, social, and customers
The Tweet stream provides marketers a rare opportunity to learn what matters to their customers and address their needs, in the moment of need. Top enterprise SEO marketers show how Twitter listening helped uncover a wealth of user insights and how they used these insights to direct social sharing and drove direct ROI from social and organic search.
Authorship - the new trust factor
Search engines seek to reward expertise, credibility and track record of creating unique content. Demonstrating authorship helps authors of original content get credit for their works. Hear industry thought leaders deconstruct the rel='Author' tag and explain how it provides authors and brands a powerful tool to create trust, drive rank and improve click-through rates.
Bringing it all together - the right earned media mix
Search, social, PR and blogs have tremendous potential for driving business results collectively. Choosing where to allocate marketing dollars and attributing results can be a challenge even to the most sophisticated marketers. In this interactive panel discussion, the best global digital marketers share their approach to choosing the earned media mix that delivers the maximum total return.

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