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The world of digital marketing and organic search is moving faster than ever before. Whether you are an SEO guru, digital marketer or content producer, it's important that you stay ahead of the changing landscape of search, content marketing, and mobile. Our goal is to provide you with the insight into the hottest and most innovative topics. Here are a few great marketing resources to get you started on topics from Micro-Moments, Mobile, Content Marketing, and Analytics.


Since October 2015, BrightEdge has been promoting the new customer journey based on the accelerated and non-linear micro-moments framework.

Think With Google Interviews - Jim Yu: Mobile Content for Micro-Moments

Think With Google, SEO, Jim Yu Interview

Understanding customer needs across the decision-making journey helps marketers create content that drives business growth. Digital marketing leader and BrightEdge CEO, Jim Yu, offers advice on how to make content count.

Share15 Google Keynote - Content Performance Marketing: Blueprint

Matt Lawson, Director of Performance Ads Marketing at Google, introduced the concept of Google Micro-Moments and explained why it is essentials for brands to be there. He shared some insights about consumers’ interaction with the content in the age of media abundance including the growing expectations for immediacy and relevance of search results. Lawson also talked about the increasing share of mobile traffic and explained why consumers spend less time on the websites, but convert at a higher rate.

Matt Lawson, Google, SEO, BrightEdge Interview


BrightEdge Webinar: A View from Google with Maile Ohye

Maile Ohye, Google SEO, Mobile, BrightEdge Webinar

In this webinar Maile Ohye talked about the changes in customer behavior, shifting role of mobile, and what it means for brands. According to Maile, there has been a radical change in customer behavior that raised the bar on what it means to deliver a great customer experience, especially on mobile. Maile also explained how brands can provide a better experience on mobile using Google AMP and the BrightEdge Mobile Optimization Solution. See Maile's follow-up Q&A content.

Share16 Google Keynote – Latest on the Mobile Web

Thao Tran, Google, BrightEdge Share Keynote

In this keynote session Thao Tran, Global Product Partnerships at Google shared insights about the latest on the mobile web. Topics included Google’s goal to help users have a frictionless mobile experience. Tran talked through how the web is an open, interoperable platform for marketers to build and develop experiences that can be accessed by a large potential audience with no friction.

Our contacts from Google are always among the major supporters and presenters at BrightEdge’s annual Share conference. Google not only helps us promote and evangelize digital marketing but also brings a wealth of cutting-edge news and insights to the event.

Share16 Google Session: Advanced Mobile Optimization

Maile Ohye, Google, BrightEdge, Share session

Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead from Google explained why mobile shift has already happened and shared insights about Google’s 2015 mobile update and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). She also talked about the SEO journey and how AMP collaboration helped brands optimize the mobile experience during vital customer paths to purchase.

Share16 YouTube Session: Intelligent Content for the Customer Journey

Jonathan Schmucler, Google, BrightEdhe, Share session

Jonathan Schmucler, the Global Expert and Branded Content Strategist at YouTube, a Google subsidiary, spoke about his framework for understanding how people digest content. Each of the content format lengths - bite-sized, snack-length, and meal-length requires different storytelling methods. Understanding your goals can help you develop the best format and way to tell your story.


Share16 Google Session: Data Sources and Data Sets

Adam Singer, Google, BrightEdge Share Session

Adam Singer, an Analytics Advocate from Google Analytics, spoke about the importance of using Data in marketing and how Google Analytics is working to help marketers. This includes setting up a public demo account, a Data Studio for data visualization, and Analytics Academy– where people can take courses for continuing education in analytics.

Share14 YouTube Session: Content Marketing - The Path to Measurement

Sara Snyder, Google YourTube, BrightEdge Share Session

Sara Snyder, Global Product Expert, YouTube Channels at YouTube, talked about succeeding with video content using distribution & community strategies and consistent video programming.

The BrightEdge platform integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to provide more data and actionable insights that allow brands to succeed in their online marketing efforts. BrightEdge Intent Signal released in 2016 gives a perspective across SEO and Google AdWords. Intent Signal automatically identifies which topics show organic results above or below the fold, therefore allowing marketers to optimize both organic and paid strategies.


Google logos and badges, BrightEdge