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Manage search performance on a daily cadence

Search marketing is like stock trading, except the market never closes. Search is 24/7 and every day means money. Search marketers need to know when their keyword ranking drops on top converting keywords and have the ability to act quickly and avoid/minimize losses, while continually driving performance. This is where daily rank tracking comes in.

As search engines update their algorithms, the search engine results pages are in a constant state of flux with keyword ranking frequently changing. In fact, Google updates their algorithm more than 500 times each year, and in 2012 made 34 separate Panda and Penguin updates. There’s plenty to keep up with as the SERPs continue to change with algorithm updates and new competitors enter the scene, in addition to seasonal variances, new product offerings, new campaigns, and site changes. Brands need to ensure they’re equipped with the rapid feedback on keyword ranking, such as daily rank tracking, necessary to succeed.

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BrightEdge Daily Rank Tracking

  • Protect critical keywords — Get daily rank tracking alerts to see changes to high-converting keyword ranking and prioritize focus based on seasonality, industry-wide changes, algorithm updates, and website changes
  • Quickly adjust campaigns — Immediately see which campaign actions have a positive impact on content performance, to replicate that success, and which campaigns actions are to be avoided and require corrective action
  • Track site changes — Track the benefits of positive changes resulting from site or page template changes, and likewise quickly reduce any adverse impacts and restore rank performance from page template breaks
  • Comprehensive reporting — Closely monitor critical keywords in customizable dashboards ranging from keyword ranking to competitive performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and long term basis
  • Most accurate data — Refreshed and validated multiple times a day, seven days a week, to ensure data accuracy and avoid false data from temporary fluctuations
  • Data you can trust — Don’t get stuck relying on cursory manual checks, resource intensive custom systems, and untrustworthy black hat sources. BrightEdge daily rank tracking data comes exclusively from trustworthy sources including proprietary white hat techniques, Majestic, and technology partners like Facebook, and Twitter.

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We’re able to track our performance in several countries on a daily basis, which has been really valuable as we continuously update our sites.