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The Global Leader in Enterprise Content Performance and SEO

BrightEdge is the global leader in enterprise content performance. As a SaaS technology SEO platform BrightEdge enables marketers to drive traffic, conversions, and revenue from their largest marketing channel – organic search.

The Most-Trusted SEO and Content Platform

The BrightEdge SEO platform is used by more than 8,500 brands, 1,500 direct customers, and 57% of the Fortune 100. BrightEdge customers include ten out of the top ten largest online retailers, nine out of the top ten hotel groups, eight of the top ten technology companies, and seven of the top ten largest US banks. That is significant market proof that we are the leading SEO company.

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Built for Scale and Durability

Founded in 2007, and headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, BrightEdge employs over 275 employees across seven offices worldwide. Office locations include: San Mateo, CA, New York, NY, London, UK, Chicago, IL, Tokyo, JPN, Sydney, AU, and Seattle, WA. With $64 million in funding and an executive team with deep content, social, cloud, and big data expertise, BrightEdge is uniquely positioned for scale and durability.

The Search Opportunity

In 2014, Google hosted almost six billion queries per day. Search is the dominant method for customers to discover a brand’s content - in fact BrightEdge research has found that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search. And, for many leading organizations this number can be even higher.

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As such, it’s imperative brands have an organic search strategy and enterprise grade platform to stay ahead. Learn more about the search opportunity.

BrightEdge has developed the most powerful SEO platform technology on the market. The BrightEdge Data Cube allows marketers to tap into the largest data set in the industry, indexing billions of pieces of content, including rich media, search, and social. This remarkable resource provides BrightEdge customers with precise, deep insights into users' search demand at the domain, URL, and keyword level.

Trended Data inside the Data Cube provides a window into both historical and real-time performance for your key content and keywords -- and your competitors' as well. Brands can also leverage the benefits of semantically related topics delivered via Data Cube's Contextual Recommendations.

With an equal focus on technological power and user experience, BrightEdge also has the best and easiest user interface on the market.

Keeping Ahead of Google’s 500+ Yearly Updates

In organic search, there’s plenty to keep up with as the SERPs continue to change (Google updates their algorithm over 500 times each year). 

Uniquely Built for Innovation

From the start, BrightEdge was built to deliver innovation at the same rapid pace as search. As a SaaS technology, BrightEdge has delivered over 85 product releases to-date, all of which is delivered seamlessly to customers accounts without any user action necessary. With 100% of its technology developed in Silicon Valley, and 85% of the team holding Masters in Computer Science Degrees from the top computer science programs in the world, BrightEdge can undoubtedly assert that engineering and innovation are their core competencies.

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Examples of Industry Firsts

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Succeed with Mobile Performance

BrightEdge was the first to release mobile performance technology in August 2013, including mobile analytics, Mobile Share of Voice, and Mobile Site Audit. In addition, BrightEdge has continuously paved the way with technology and research to assist brands in defining a mobile search strategy.

BrightEdge 2014 mobile research has found that 62% of search results vary from mobile to desktop, and tablets and smartphones make up 35% of organic search. More importantly, misconfigured websites lost 68% of smartphone traffic.

Today many brands are concerned about the impact of Google’s Mobile Algorithm update. Meanwhile, BrightEdge customers have had technology in-place for two years to help them understand their rank and the competitive landscape across 605 local, global, and mobile search engines - equipping them to win in the competitive mobile battleground. 

Understand Performance for Local

Users expect local content in search results for some of the most common searches like "coffee, "ATM," or "hotel." To address the local nature of today's SERPs, practitioners need to optimize their web presence and tailor strategies by location due to differences in local competitive landscapes. In June 2012 BrightEdge was first to market Local Content Management, which helps marketers stay ahead of the changing search landscape by extending the power of the proven BrightEdge S3 platform to local search.

Optimize for Micro-Moments That Drive Organic Wins

New content types — including ads, maps, and local listings — deliver highly relevant online experiences matched to "micro-moments." But they can also push organic listings further down on search results pages, resulting in a drop in traffic, conversions, and revenue. BrightEdge Intent Signal is the first and only solution that automatically reveals the “organic-friendliness” of topics — to prioritize efforts according to organic opportunity and drive business results.

Delivering Measurable Results

BrightEdge is focused on delivering measurable success with everything tied to actual business analytics and performance metrics.

The first area BrightEdge helps brands with is to gain visibility by measuring and reporting performance by device, geography, and business unit. The second step is to take action to improve the performance of organic search. And, the final step is to identify new content opportunities, gain competitive insights, and quantify the potential impact.

Task Management, Reporting, and Team Alignment

As a true enterprise grade platform everything within BrightEdge works with everything else in the platform. If a brand identifies a report they would like to monitor, with one click they can add that report to a dashboard, and with another click they can set that dashboard to be emailed out to their team, or to executives. With prescriptive Content Performance Recommendations, and ContentIQ brands can identify the top areas of opportunity and assign tasks to their team with built in Tasks & Workflow, which automatically close once completed. As site enhancements are made a brand can then correlate the actual business impact (increased traffic, conversions, and revenue).

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BrightEdge Customers Discuss ROI

BrightEdge Customers Discuss Business Impact

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Experts from Seagate, Experian, Move, and Wiley discuss measurable business results (traffic growth and ROI) achieved with BrightEdge.

Delivering on a Proven Method for Customer Success

BrightEdge has built the largest, most experienced customer success team in the industry. The 80+ member global team partners with an organization, sharing best practices based on 1,000+ deployments, customized to fit each brand’s individual needs. Hear BrightEdge customers share their experiences with the Customer Success Team.

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BrightEdge Invests in the Community

Beyond technology, BrightEdge invests in the success of the community. BrightEdge CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Yu is dedicated to sharing thought leadership through his columns in Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Marketing Land. Another go-to digital marketing resource is the BrightEdge blog, which is regularly updated with search and content marketing best practices.

Beyond columns, and an annual industry event, BrightEdge has built the largest Professional Community with their nearly 4,000-member-strong LinkedIn BrightEdge Certified Professional Community. Through becoming BrightEdge Certified digital marketers are able to earn a marketable skill, validate their expertise in BrightEdge, and take full advantage of the BrightEdge Platform.

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With BrightEdge in our peak season we are able to grow our SEO traffic by roughly 30% to 40%.

With BrightEdge year to date we’re well up over last year, can’t get into all the specifics, but our growth has been phenomenal. 

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