Webinar: Sustainable Content Marketing, Conserve Your Company’s Resources

We invite you to learn about Sustainable Content Marketing through this on-demand webinar with industry leaders Steve Krull of Be Found Online and Erik Newton of BrightEdge.

Join us for an on-demand webinar we gave on sustainable content marketing.

Avoid content marketing burnout by keeping the fuel for your brand’s marketing engine flowing. In 2016, 77% of B2C and 76% of B2B marketers planned to increase content production to promote brand awareness, generate and nurture leads, and sell.

Through a content-friendly strategy called Sustainable Content Marketing, brands can increase

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Traffic, conversions, and revenue as they reduce the time and effort of content production. Important elements of this strategy include:

  • Using current content across channels to maximize the impact of popular content
  • How to use trends to propel the value of content to all buyer audiences
  • The importance of customer behavior to inform content and drive conversions

BFO has the answers for you. Inside this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Tools you need to manage your entire content marketing effort
  • Ways to ride customer trends to increase brand awareness, downloads and sales
  • Strategies to simplify content production 

We invite you to join us to learn more about how you can put this strategy to work for your company and maximize your potential in the digital marketing space.

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