BrightEdge Unifies Search and Social Marketing with Signal Stream

BrightEdge S3 Adopted by Leading Companies Including Twitter, VMWare and Williams-Sonoma

San Mateo, Calif – October 11, 2011BrightEdge, the leading site, search and social management platform for global enterprises, today announced the launch of BridgeEdge S3, the first application to offer a unified cloud-based solution for site, search and social marketing. Building on BrightEdge’s industry leadership in search engine optimization (SEO), BridgeEdge S3 is an insightful and actionable solution for marketing organizations looking to harness the voluminous site, search and social signal stream to complement existing search strategies for user driven marketing.

BrightEdge S3 is offered in response to an industry-wide shift in how marketing is traditionally done. During the past 15 years, customers have driven an ever-increasing volume of signals across the web. The signal stream has grown tremendously as billions of customers enter information on websites, perform searches on search engines, and share interests on social networks. The sheer scale of the signal stream is massive: 200 million tweets daily, and more than two billion Facebook posts per day.

“The Internet is changing how companies engage with customers, and the rise of social networks and sharing is accelerating a user driven approach to marketing,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. “Just as strategies to manage and optimize search were essential for marketers during the past decade, CMOs will now require new tools in the next 10 years to leverage the torrent of data their customers generate everyday across site, search and social channels. We are proud to be working with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Microsoft, VMWare and Williams-Sonoma to deliver our vision of this future today with the launch of BridgeEdge S3.”

“Technology to address the scale of customer web sites, searches across the globe and nearly a billion social network users has only recently been possible, but BrightEdge S3 is built to scale in the cloud using the same big data technologies pioneered at Google and Facebook,” said Lemuel Park, CTO of BrightEdge.

The BrightEdge S3 platform provides marketers with a complete business value-driven approach to analyzing all activity across sites, search, and social channels while delivering actionable insight to complement any brand campaign. It offers a full range of functionality for executing comprehensive search and social site audits, creating global dashboard reports, automating workflow across teams and providing custom recommendations to improve social, search and site performance.

New features offered by the BrightEdge S3 platform include:

  • Social Site Audit – Provides custom recommendations to help companies properly adopt extended Facebook open graph tags and better leverage customer engagement
  • Social Signal Measurement – Enables marketers to measure, manage and take action on Tweets and Facebook Likes, which directly impact search rankings
  • Facebook Page Recommendations – Provides proven recommendations to help companies’ Facebook pages rank higher in search
  • Search ROI Comparison – Enables marketers to measure the true value of their organic and paid search efforts
  • Collaborative SEO – Allows cross-departmental teams to work more efficiently by assigning tasks and workflow along with proven SEO recommendations to increase search rankings