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Use Social to Drive Rank With Social Signals

Digital marketers are becoming aware of the increasing importance of social signals on search rankings. As a result, digital marketers want to take advantage of this huge opportunity to impact content performance, improve search rankings, and ultimately increase revenue generated by organic search through social media channels.

BrightEdge has partnered with social leaders Facebook and Twitter to develop technology which allows marketers to maximize the organic search impact of their social media efforts by tracking and analyzing social media interaction, generating automated recommendations, and coming full circle in clearly tying together social analytics, recommendations, and direct impact on ROI from content.

Drive Traffic & Conversions via Strategic Social Engagement

  • Assess (Take the guesswork out of social content performance) Uncover which keywords and pages are the best impactful to target with Likes, Tweets, and Shares to improve rankings on search engines.
    • Stay competitive: compare social media signals for your domains, and competitors’ domains
  •  Plan
    • BrightEdge automatically generates social recommendations prioritized by impact, risk, and difficulty, so you can make quick wins while working towards long-term social strategy
  • Take Action
    • Easily assign customized recommendations using BrightEdge’s built in task and workflow engine to coordinate changes across social and organic teams
  •  Demonstrate ROI
    • Directly tie social media activity to revenue generated online from increases in ranking, traffic, and conversions, thereby solidifying the financial/business value of social media marketing as part of your online strategy.

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We can drill into any page and look at the specific recommendations on a page level, from a social standpoint, from an architectural standpoint and know that these changes are key… especially to someone whose day to day role includes providing the best practice SEO deliverable that they can.

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