BrightEdge Intent Signal

Uncover the micro-moments that drive search success

"Micro-moments" define your customers' digital behavior today whether they want to go somewhere, do something, know something, or buy something. Search results now include a variety of content types, tailored to each micro-moment—including ads, videos, maps, local listings and more.

Micro-moment and content types

But, more content types at the top of the results page can mean organic listings are pushed lower, where they are not as immediately visible. Lower visibility translates to a drop in traffic, conversions and revenue.

BrightEdge Intent Signal is the first and only solution that automatically tells you the “organic-friendliness” of each topic and how much of the opportunity you are capturing. You can now prioritize your efforts based on the potential for organic success.

Uncover the best organic opportunities

  • Understand which topics have organic results above the fold to identify where the best organic potential exists (on standard screen sizes for desktop, tablet and smartphone)
  • Learn which of your pages display above the fold to determine whether you are capturing this prime opportunity
  • Automatically segment your keywords according to organic potential and your performance above and below the fold to drive a more effective organic and paid search strategy

BrightEdge Intent Signal screenshot

Take action to drive more traffic and conversions


Focus your efforts where organic opportunity is high but your page isn’t optimized to capture the most traffic.

Intent Signal optimize segment


Capture high-value organic opportunity that you are missing. Create content for organic-friendly topics to get in front of customers and increase conversions.

BrightEdge_Intent Signal_create


Maintain your strong position. When performing well on organic-friendly topics, it’s critical to monitor and maintain performance to continue driving traffic, conversions and revenue.

BrightEdge_Intent Signal_defend


When organic opportunity is lower, work with paid search to drive traffic, while also optimizing for the best organic real-estate.

BrightEdge_Intent Signal_collaborate

Micro-moments deeply the customer experience. To succeed with organic today, search marketers must understand which topics are organic-friendly and go after the most promising opportunities. BrightEdge Intent Signal automatically generates unique insights to help you understand the potential for organic success above-the-fold so you prioritize efforts to drive the best business outcomes.