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Technology Keynote: From Market Insights to Behind the Website

To succeed in SEO and Digital now more than ever, we need to explore new ways to get granular insights from billions of data points. This keynote will inspire you to derive these insights in seconds by using the power of AI to optimize at the speed of search with zero-touch, from mobile to web servers.

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Insights Panel: Thriving in the New Digital Era

The role of Digital and SEO has never been more exhilarating or challenging. Take an insight-led journey with industry leaders who are rebounding from disruption, responding to significant changes, and thriving in the new normal.

Industry Leaders that you will hear from include:
  • Rafael Baptista, Vice President, Product SEO at OpenTable/KAYAK
  • Vanessa Dumonet, Executive Director, Global Online Marketing & Merchandising at Estee Lauder
  • Kelly Johnson, Director of Content & SEO at Udacity
  • Rachel Fishman, Senior Marketing Manager, SEO at Salesforce
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