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Ecommerce providers need to manage the buyer’s journey and the full customer experience to be successful. For ecommerce providers that also have retail presence, customer journey requires both physical and digital elements to maximize potential. Marketers need to excel in multiple channels and disciplines to help customers research, select, and decide to purchase.

In this webinar on ecommerce marketing, BrightEdge discusses the many opportunities brands have from social to reviews to SEO to site content and performance.

Key trends and data

  • Omnichannel shopping
  • Social shopping
  • Mobile commerce
  • Digital data in store shopping experience
  • Customer journey analytics
  • 54% of online buyers read online reviews before buying
  • 39% of in-store buyers read online reviews before purchase
  • 70% of commerce journeys start in the SERPs
  • Voice queries are between 20 and 30% of mobile searches


Erik Newton, VP of Customer Marketing, BrightEdge

Mark Aspillera, Product Marketing Manager, BrightEdge

Available On Demand Now!



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