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Thank you for attending Share19 and for your interest in the presentation slides from the session Category & Conversion: SEO for Commerce.

What this presentation covers:

As search evolves it is becoming more fragmented as marketers look to niche vertical search engines where industry-specific consumers are active and can be more transactional in nature. For example, in 2019, over half of U.S. Internet users start their product searches on Amazon. For commerce marketers, it is imperative for brands to have specific and detailed strategies focused on the understanding of niche audiences and demand, internal website architecture, and subsequent conversion. 

In this session learn how to optimize for commerce and radically improve conversions:

  • Maximize on-page SEO for e-commerce websites 
  • Protect your brand, understand, and report on your Amazon rank across your entire product catalog 
  • Improve internal link performance and optimize your most important category pages to prime them for conversion 

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