Share19: Local and Hyperlocal SEO

Precision & Scale

Thank you for attending Share19 and for your interest in the presentation slides from the session Precision & Scale: Local and Hyperlocal SEO.

What this session covers:

Local search engine strategies have evolved significantly over the last few years. To be successful in local, it is imperative to analyze search volume and ranking data for your target locations. The power of local search optimization to reach customers with the information they want and entice them to try particular local businesses cannot be understated. Hyperlocal optimization allows marketers to understand how topics and content perform for searches conducted in every location, in every corner of the globe, and on every device type. 

In this session learn how to maximize local and hyperlocal strategies: 

  • Understand the latest trends and shifts in local and hyperlocal marketplaces as they happen 
  • Learn how to track local demand and content performance across multiple locations, nationally and globally 
  • Perform research on hyperlocal-targeted areas and create scalable content and targeted pages that perform and convert for locality 


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