November Product Release

Novenber 6, 2015

In our November release we’ve introduced innovations to quickly and flexibly, help you understand, report, and take action on the business impact of your content marketing initiatives.

StoryBuilder – Dashboard Templates: Drawing from our experience in working with 1,200+ customers, we curated the most popular reports and incorporated them into our Executive and Campaign dashboard templates. These templates provide in-depth insights into your content marketing investments. Watch Video

StoryBuilder – Drill Through: With this enhancement to StoryBuilder Drill Through in three clicks you can easily go from reporting, to details, to taking action on your content marketing initiatives. Watch Video

Local, Global, and Mobile Coverage across 750+ Search Engines: We’ve added 89 new search engines to help you optimize performance for local and global markets, across device types (mobile, desktop, and tablets), and spanning over 40 languages. Watch Video

What else is new? RankBrain Algorithm Update

Google recently announced the use use of machine learning in their search algorithm. This technology, which has been termed RankBrain, has now been rolled out globally.

As always, BrightEdge helps our customers stay ahead of the changes in search. While our analysis has shown that this algorithm update hasn’t had a significant impact for our customers, we still want to help keep our customers informed. We’ve authored two blog posts to help our customers understand what RankBrain is all about, and how they can use our technology to stay ahead.

Part One: RankBrain Overview

Part Two: Step-by-step guide for how BrightEdge’s existing solution helps our customers stay ahead of RankBrain