Business Intelligence that Moves at the Speed of the Market

Actionable Market Insights from the Most Agile and Honest Focus Group in the World

Business leaders like you can now unlock the insight you need on how the market is shifting and where new opportunities are emerging in real-time to deliver personalized experiences based on real data. Market Insights leverages search data, the most comprehensive view of preferences to pinpoint how consumers are making decisions, what motivates their purchases and how their preferences are changing over time to help you achieve better ROI.



Always On, Always ready

No more lengthy research projects. Reduce time to compile and analyze research with fresh, accurate data to make informed strategy decisions and stay up to date with the latest trends in your market

Scaled out of the Box

Take advantage of pre-built industry taxonomies for a turnkey solution that delivers insights and value faster by leveraging billions of intent data points in a single platform built to scale globally.

Actionable Insights

Identify buyer trends and true competitor behaviour with a simplified view of your market. Uncover where and how to take meaningful action like what products to offer, what inventory to have, and what messaging will resonate.

Identify Market Demand and See Dynamic Changes as they Happen

Uncover market trends and explore your market’s long-term trend opportunities as well as seasonal trends for specific content topics​. See demand shifts across your market and quickly pinpoint changing interests to pivot marketing strategies and avoid wasting resources in declining SERP categories.

Understand Your Total Addressable Market and See New Opportunities

Access unlimited customer intent data and benchmark your marketing performance for specific categories or identify opportunities to compete where the competition is weak​ to convert new customers.

Confidently Plan and Optimize Marketing Budgets in Near Real Time

Analyze fluctuations with channel visibility and quickly pivot. Justify investment shifts across lines of business and uncover opportunities to win in SERP categories before competition with real time insight-led action.

Prioritize Action Items with Engagement Gap Analysis​

Utilize business intelligence to inform your content architecture and optimization journey. Improve content engagement by dynamically auditing existing content to identify missing and underperforming content that drives increased traffic and conversions.

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