What does HEBS Digital do?

We’re the digital marketing agency that pioneered book-direct strategies for hundreds of hotels around the world. Since 2001, we’ve worked with global chains, independent boutique hotels, and non-hotel accommodations to drive more direct bookings through website design and digital marketing, from SEO, SEM, and display to content, email, and social media marketing.

How do we do SEO?

We work with a hotel to discover what makes travelers tick — and click — on their website. We’re not just going up against other hotels in their competitive set, but also against powerhouse OTAs and metasearch engines. Working with partners such as BrightEdge, we implement winning keyword strategies and technical optimizations to help our clients capture more share of voice, drive direct bookings, and establish their own website as their primary revenue channel.

What makes our approach to SEO unique?

SEO specialists are paired up with copywriters on dedicated accounts. While the SEO specialists focus on making technical optimizations, they give their keyword recommendations to copywriters who bring them to life through engaging landing pages and blog posts on the hotel website. By developing an understanding of the destination, seasonality, and unique value propositions of each hotel, we create optimized, targeted content that connects a hotel with their next guest.













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