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BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 11 April, 2014

Don't miss the latest news in the SEO and content marketing landscapes! Here's our weekly roundup. Read more
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The Search Marketer Survey Results Are In!

The BrightEdge 2014 Search Marketer Survey report is here! This year, we surveyed SEO practitioners from 8,500+ global brands in December 2013 and January 2014 to compile research in the areas of content and content budgets; rank and ranking variables; … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 7 April, 2014

Start your week off on the right foot with our weekly news roundup! Here are our picks for the most compelling stories of the week. Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 28 March, 2014

After all the excitement around Adobe Summit, it might have been hard to keep up on the latest industry news. Don't worry; BrightEdge has your back! Read more

Behind the Scenes at BrightEdge

We talk a lot about technology, but today we wanted to do something a little different and take you behind the scenes at BrightEdge. So, please check out our new video – Working at BrightEdge. In this video you’ll hear … Read more Read more

2014 Adobe Summit Event Guide

Whether you’re a marketing expert, data analyst, or social media guru, Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City is the place to be next week. Find out how you can learn and have fun at Summit! Read more
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Your Best Partner for Enterprise SEO Release

How cool would it be to tap into a huge data repository and perform on-demand research – just like you would in a regular search engine? Wouldn’t it be great, to gain actionable insights to guide your content marketing plan … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 21 March, 2014

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BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 14 March, 2014

With so much news in the digital marketing community, it’s tough to keep up. We’ve got our picks for the stories of the week, so you’ll always stay up-to-date.   LinkedIn Company Pages for Search, Social & Reputation Management Alison … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 7 March, 2014

Get the latest and greatest in SEO and marketing news! Here are our picks for the 5 articles you need to read this week. Read more
Redford Sherman

Robert Redford, Richard Sherman, Adobe & BrightEdge

What do actor Robert Redford and Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman have in common? Give up? They’re going to Adobe Summit 2014 between March 24 and 28 in beautiful Salt Lake City and so are we! Adobe Summit is one our … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 28 February, 2014

Don't forget to stay updated on the latest marketing and search news! Here are our picks for the five biggest headlines this week. Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who says elementary school students should be the only ones to have fun distributing Valentine’s Day cards? At BrightEdge, we wanted to show our affection with a Valentine’s Day Infographic that highlights the Top 20 Innovations we’ve delivered to our … Read more Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 14 February, 2014

We know it's Valentine's Day, but don't let that distract you from getting your fix of SEO love! Check out our weekly news digest for all your SEO headlines. Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 7 February, 2014

Don't let all the Olympics excitement keep you from getting your marketing news fix! We've got a quick round-up of the top 5 articles in the industry this week. Check these out, and then get back to figure skating. Read more
Bloomberg Terminal

What SEOs Can Learn from Bloomberg

What's the connection between financial information powerhouse Bloomberg and SEO? SEOs looking for answers in a secure search world can learn a lot from Bloomberg! Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 31 January, 2014

Catch up on the latest and greatest in SEO this week with our favorite articles dealing with pressing topics in the industry. Read more
BrightEdge ROI Release

The BrightEdge ROI Release Is Live!

We’re committed to helping our clients succeed in SEO and Content Marketing, and are excited to kickoff 2014 with our first release this year, the ROI Release! Read more
New World of Secure Search

Yahoo and Bing Secure Search – What It Means For Marketers

Yahoo switched to Secure Search this week. CEO Jim Yu explains its impact and how BrightEdge customers are already setup for success in a Secure Search World! Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 24 January, 2014

Get your SEO news fix right now! Here are BrightEdge's picks for the latest news you can't miss this week. Read more
Before and After Secure Search

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 17 January, 2014

Missed out on the latest SEO news? We've got you covered! Here are our picks for the top stories in marketing this week. Read more
Secure Search Manifesto Methodlology

Solve Secure Search With Three Steps, Two Enablers, And One Insightful White Paper!

20,000 SEO pros across 8500+ brands win in a 100% secure search world with 3 actionable steps and 2 valuable enablers. Read the new Secure Search Whitepaper to find out how! Read more

BrightEdge Weekend SEO Update – 10 January, 2014

Catch up on the latest and greatest in the SEO industry. Check out these articles you won’t want to miss this week! Read more

Good Things Come In Fives – The Five Tenets Of Secure Search!

Good things come in fives - the Elements, Perfect Fifth, Olympic rings, the Committee of Five, the 5-second rule and ,now, the tenets of Secure Search that help you win in a secure search world! Read more
2013_08_21_Internet Connection Speed

How To Engage The Planet’s Most Internet Savvy Audience

The country where the first MP3 player & retina display were invented is also the most internet savvy. Are you ready to use organic search to engage this sophisticated audience? Read more
BrightEdge Winter Release

Go Ahead, Peek Inside The BrightEdge Winter Release – Your Gifts for the Holidays!

BrightEdge’s Winter Release is here! Every 5 weeks we release innovative new SEO features to help you succeed in SEO. Transition to Content Centric SEO with Page Reporting. Read more
Seven Deadly Sins Of Search Marketing

The 7 Deadly Sins of Search Marketing in 2014

Google giveth, and Google taketh away by launching changes that changed SEO forever. Avoid the cardinal sins of search marketing and fearlessly march into 2014 with these thoughtful tips! Read more
Google Hummingbird, Content and The Who?

Google Hummingbird, Content and The Who?

The Who’s iconic ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ holds an unintentional reminder for SEOs trying to grasp organic search and content in the age of Google Hummingbird. Forward to 7:52 of the song to figure it out or simply read this post! Read more
BrightEdge Google Webmaster Tools Integration - Clicks Impressions Report

Our Secure Search Solution Got Even Better With Google Webmaster Tools Integration!

Our Secure Search solution got even more powerful with Google Webmaster Tools integration, restoring partial keyword visibility and offering richer keyword discovery. Read more
Jim Yu

BrightEdge Customers Are Ready For Secure Search, Today!

Google has made secure search the universal default. Site analytics will no longer provide user search query data to correlate keywords with site visits and conversions. See how BrightEdge customers are uniquely positioned to win with secure search. Read more
BrightEdge Share13 Logo

Our Biggest Release of the Year – Share13

Share13, the industry’s premier digital marketing event, is here and we are excited to announce that the BrightEdge Share13 Release is live! Customer success is our core value, and in this release we address two of the biggest shifts in marketing - the rise of mobile and increasing focus on ROI. Read on to learn about what's in this exciting release! Read more
Brad Smith, DigitalRelevance

BrightEdge Customer Column – 7 Powerful Ways DigitalRelevance Increased Rackspace Traffic With BrightEdge

Over the past year, DigitalRelevance has utilized the BrightEdge platform to help Rackspace execute a strategy that focuses on user experience. Fortunately, the BrightEdge platform allows any marketer to scale efforts from just a few to thousands of keywords. In the case of Rackspace, DigitalRelevance focused on improving natural search traffic for a great number of keywords. We used the associated keyword data to test, measure, optimize and refine specific campaigns related to Rackspace and achieve massive traffic gains. Read more

Alan Osetek & Resolution Media at Share13 – The Best Brands Aim High

BrightEdge are proud have Resolution Media as a premium sponsor at Share13. As part of the Share13 blog series we had the chance to catch up briefly with Alan Osetek, President of Resolution Media as he prepares for his panel … Read more Read more

Dave Lloyd from Adobe – Keep learning, stay nimble at Share13

Share13 has hit new heights with over 500 senior level executives and practitioners offering attendees an opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders and interact with highly accomplished marketers and brands. Last week I managed to catch up, alongside my colleague Nag Patta, with Dave Lloyd from Abobe. Read more
Simon Heseltine

Share13 – Simon Heseltine from AOL Discusses The Search Engine Opportunity

We recently caught up with Simon Heseltine, industry thought-leader and Director of Audience Development at AOL about his much-anticipated session at Share13. Simon will be part of a panel discussion on the search engine opportunity in the light of dizzying change in our industry. Here is a quick transcript of our chat. Read more
mel-carson-delightful-communications copy

Majestic SEO – Mel Carson on Big Data and White Hats at Share13

BrightEdge is delighted to announce Majestic SEO as a sponsor and presenter at Share13. We managed to catch up with Dixon Jones, Founder of Majestic SEO and Mel Carson, US Ambassador for Majestic SEO and founder of Delightful Communications, and get their thoughts on Share13! Read more
jim brigden

Share13: Jim Brigden, iProspect UK & US Market Challenges

      Jim Brigden from iProspect UK will be speaking at Share13 on the ‘Future of Search Panel’ alongside Dave Tan from Google and Eric Papczun from Perfomics US. In this post Jim shares a unique view on the … Read more Read more
Lisa Williams

Content, Earned & Social Media at Share13 – Lisa Williams from Rosetta

As Google shifts its focus to quality and relevancy, content marketing adoption has soared. It is no coincidence that the increasing focus on content marketing closely follows the significant Google algorithmic changes aiming to give users a better search experience. … Read more Read more
robin francis

Autodesk on Aligning Content and SEO at Share13

Last week BrightEdge had the opportunity to catch up with Robin Francis, Senior Manager of Search at Autodesk. Robin is a panelist on the “Aligning Content and SEO” session and is going to talk about your web content strategy is critical in order to scale SEO. This post features extracts and comments from our interview with Robin. Read more
BrightEdge Professional Certification

Introducing the BrightEdge Certification Program at Share13

  What do Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle have in common? A few things actually, they are all BrightEdge customers, technology leaders, and each offers industry reputed technical certifications. We’re taking a cue from these valued customers, and offering our … Read more Read more

Jason Tabeling, Partner at Rosetta on Global and Mobile SEO at BrightEdge Share13

Jason Tabeling, Partner at Rosetta, is speaking and moderating the Global and Mobile SEO panel at Share13. He discusses critical industry issues with marketing, content and digital thought leader Andy Betts. Read more

BrightEdge Customer Column – Who Are My Real Search Competitors?

BrightEdge Customer and SEO expert Beth Corneglio from top agency digitalrelevance™ walks us through live examples on deconstructing competitor strategies and tactics to outperform competition. Read more
Eric Papczun

Eric Papczun, President of Performics US talks Future Of Search at BrightEdge Share13

Last week, Eric Papczun, President of Performics US took out time to chat with content and marketing thought leader Andy Betts as part of the Share13 interview series. Eric, who will be a part of the panel 'The Future of Search' on August 22, gives us a preview of his thoughts on where search is headed. Read more
BrightEdge July Release

BrightEdge July Release – Cool New Features For A Not-so-cool Summer!

We're smack in the middle of summer, which for most means two things: heat and vacation. Back here at BrightEdge, though, we kept hard at work churning out cool new features to help you get more out of BrightEdge and make the most of your marketing efforts, even if in a hammock or on the road. The result is yet another power-packed feature - the BrightEdge July Release, live now. Read more
BrightEdge Share13

Share13: The Premier Event By SEO and Digital Marketers For SEO and Digital Marketers

Following on from a fantastic year for BrightEdge, I am delighted to share more details on Share13, our premier industry event to be held August 22-23 at the stunning Palace Hotel in San Francisco. 2013 has been an epic year … Read more Read more