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Search moves fast, Google changes their algorithm over 500 times a year, that's more than once a day. When choosing an SEO platform, look for a proven innovation leader, to help you stay ahead of the changes in search. Over 8,500 brands rely on BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise SEO because of our proven and public record of delivering new capabilities into the market first.

We see what we structured with BrightEdge in a very collaborative way, a great partnership where we can continue to position ourselves in a world class digital marketing leadership role and absolutely the innovations that we’ve seen from BrightEdge have helped us.

—Dave LLoyd,

Manager, Global SEO,

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Global Data Cube
The BrightEdge Data Cube is a massive content repository, the industry’s largest data set made up of billions of pieces of information which includes: keywords, search terms, rich media, and content, along with its performance on the web. Within one centralized view, marketers may perform either URL-based or Keyword-based research in real time and easily start tracking keywords of interest and insights into competitive keyword strategies. Global Data Cube coverage now includes: US, UK, Germany and Australia.
Channel Reporting
In a multi-channel world, marketers need to understand how customers are engaging with their content across each channel in order to create the most successful integrated campaigns. BrightEdge has introduced three new analytics reports - Total Revenue by Channel, Total Conversions by Channel and Total Traffic by Channel which enable users to view total revenue, conversions and traffic across organic, social, paid, direct and other channels. With Channel Reports, SEO practitioners benefit by being able to show the importance and contribution of SEO on their overall digital marketing program.
Content Optimizer V 2.0
BrightEdge has released a new version of Content Optimizer (v 2.0) which empowers content and editorial teams to leverage an out-of-box integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), allowing them to easily create content that is optimized for maximum traffic, conversions, and revenue without breaking or slowing down their content creation flow. Content Optimizer provides organizations with recommendations that evolve along with the search landscape and are compliant with the complex structure of large websites.
Data Cube
The BrightEdge Data Cube is a massive content repository, the industry’s largest data set made up of billions of pieces of information which includes: keywords, search terms, rich media, and content, along with its performance on the web. Within one centralized view, marketers may perform either URL-based or Keyword-based research in real time and easily start tracking keywords of interest and insights into competitive keyword strategies.
Enhanced Search Opportunity Forecasting
Search Opportunity Forecasting, a Patented BrightEdge innovation, provides financial SEO forecasting aligned directly with your business structure, such as individual business units, product categories, or aggregated across your entire business. With Search Opportunity Forecasting, SEO practitioners are able to focus on the highest value opportunities, which in the competitive field of SEO puts you as a brans, or agency, ahead of your business competition.
Localized Help Content
View over 900 contextual Help topics in English or Japanese. Gain the insights you need from the Help Section regarding features and best practices for managing SEO.
Page Reporting Est Traffic Reporting & Keyword Discovery
Page Reporting enhancements help restore keyword level traffic for a page. With Support of “estimated keyword values," users can toggle between the actuals and estimates mode. Then, users can discover keywords which are driving page performance, pulled in from the BrightEdge index & web analytics.
Google Webmaster Tools Integration
Our seamless self-service GWMT integration into BrightEdge S3 helps paint a fuller picture of organic search performance. Integrate up to 20 GWMT sites in BrightEdge. View data weekly, monthly, quarterly, or trended over time. Store data in BrightEdge (in GWMT data expires at the 3 month mark).
Comprehensive support of Naver, including universal results which unique to Naver include seven categories: images, videos, shopping, places, blogs, cafe, and knowledge.
Carousel Reporting
Gain complete visibility to uncover which of your terms display carousel results, understand your actual placement in the SERP inclusive of carousel and where your competitors rank. Metrics and strategies based on blended rank and not just text results alone are what marketers really need to succeed. BrightEdge is the first and only SEO platform to provide complete insight into blended rank, including carousel results.
Estimated Keyword Reporting
BrightEdge calculates estimated traffic conversions, and revenue performance metrics that are no longer available due to secure search (based on BrightEdge Customizable Click Curves).
BrightEdge Customizable Click Curves
Click Through Rate (CTR) varies dramatically across devices. BrightEdge Customizable Click Curves, for desktop, tablet, or smartphone provide the most accurate forecasts such as SOV, traffic, and conversions.
Mobile Share of Voice
BrightEdge’s patented Share of Voice technology provides an instant snapshot into who are all the competitors in your space, for any group of keywords or product line, and allows you to dig deeper into exactly what they’re doing to drive traffic online. We've enhanced our patented Share of Voice to support mobile devices, which provides deep insights into your competitive mobile landscape for Tablet and Smartphone.
Mobile Site Audit
Mobile Site Audit helps ensure you’re complying with Google’s best practices for mobile. Identify on-page issues impacting mobile search results and take action immediately to maximize mobile search performance.
Page Reporting
For the first time brands are able to understand their total SEO performance across revenue, visits, and conversions at a page level.
BrightEdge Online Training & Certification
Since 2007, BrightEdge has been dedicated to the SEO community by helping our customers stay ahead of the changing search landscape. That is why we offer a self-paced online certification program which empowers users to gain full value from BrightEdge. With BrightEdge Certification, users gain marketable skills and benefit from the growing demand for validated expertise in digital marketing technology.
Personalized Success Kit
Personalized Success Kit is a task list that is automatically generated when BrightEdge administrators create new users. The Personalized Success Kit allows administrators to customize tasks based on new users’ role, goals, permissions and level of expertise. Sample tasks include reviewing the Help Section to get familiar with the BrightEdge platform, uploading keywords, tracking competitors, creating role-based dashboards and identifying keyword opportunities.
Trended Share of Voice
BrightEdge Share of Voice helps marketers discover competitors in search, understand their SEO strategies and tactics, and take action to improve their search share. Understanding trends in the Share of Voice lets marketers assess the effectiveness of these actions and take corrective measures, if needed. They also allow you to understand the impact of events such as search engine updates and website changes, among others.
Content Optimizer
Now, for the first time businesses can empower their content teams to create search optimized content from day one, by giving content teams a technology that coaches them towards SEO success. With BrightEdge Content Optimizer, content and editorial teams can leverage an out-of-the-box CMS integration, allowing them to easily create search optimized content that maximizes revenue, and that allows all web pages to be optimized for search performance.
Mobile SEO
Mobile technology has hit the mainstream, smartphones and tablets now drive one out of every three minutes spent with digital media. The growth of local search, and increasing usage of smartphones and tablets has fueled the need for Digital Marketers to optimize for mobile search. BrightEdge has introduced an innovative new technology, Mobile SEO, enabling Digital Marketers to create winning mobile search strategies.
Daily Rankings
Search marketing is like stock trading, except the market never closes. Search is 24/7 and every day means money. Search marketers need to know when their ranking drops on top converting keywords and have the ability to act quickly and avoid/minimize losses, while continually driving performance. With Daily Rankings, marketers get alerted of changes to high-converting keywords and can prioritize focus accordingly.
Twitter Trending
Developed in conjunction with Twitter, Twitter Trending allows marketers to take effective SEO strategies and content, and leverage them on Twitter. BrightEdge uncovers when a topic is trending on Twitter, and correlates that with highly converting content from your site related to that keyword. This unique BrightEdge technology provides a way to drive commerce and conversions on Twitter
Page Manager
BrightEdge has pioneered a new paradigm in SEO with the introduction of Page Manager. Built with prescriptive best practices, Page Manager provides comprehensive on-page, backlink, internal links, and social recommendations guiding you to SEO success.
Patented SEO X-Ray Technology
SEO is a winner takes all game: if your competition is ranking ahead of you, they are extracting exponentially more value from organic search than you are. That’s why BrightEdge created SEO X-Ray, the first ever patented “reverse index” of the web, to provide in-depth analysis of your SEO footprint and comparisons against the competitive landscape.
Majestic SEO
BrightEdge provides a seamless integration with industry leading backlink database Majestic SEO, giving customers a comprehensive view of their backlink portfolio alongside that of the competition.
Local Search Management
Digital Marketers require insights and visibility into SEO performance at scale, which becomes a complex challenge as search results vary depending on the location of a user. Search is local, and as the adoption of location enabled mobile devices grow, search engines also continually evolve their algorithms to better leverage location data. Local results are also delivered for laptop and desktop users, since IP routing information is routinely used to identify a users location. Digital Marketers at global organizations also must measure performance across multiple countries and multiple search engines.
Blended Rank
Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) no longer feature text-based results and have evolved to include image, video, social, and local results. Marketers now need to know the rank of their pages among all types of results including image, video, social, and local. Metrics and strategies based on blended rank and not just text results alone are what marketers really need to succeed in today's SEO battleground.
Facebook Partnership
BrightEdge is the sole Facebook-approved vendor for SEO technology in the highly-selective Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. BrightEdge includes automated recommendations and instant reporting on Facebook optimizations so that marketers can get instant visibility into how Facebook is impacting their organic performance, today and over time.
Search Opportunity Forecasting
BrightEdge S3 delivers proven ROI forecasting, enabling SEO practitioners to quantify the impact of SEO on their business, make an informed business case to executives for further investment in SEO, and focus on opportunities that promise the maximum revenue gain or cost savings.
Search Plus Your World
Social’s impact on search has been discussed for a while, and the update reinforces it’s influence on rankings and brand. Google+ content such as posts, pages and photos will feature prominently in search results, and the importance of social as a ranking factor will continue to rise over time. For marketers, this is a powerful way to drive SEO performance and brand image.
Enterprise Grade SEO ISO 27001 Certification
BrightEdge is an Enterprise Grade platform, which includes redundant data centers, ISO/IEC 27001 standards, Hadoop clusters, certification and EU/Swiss Safe Harbor.
Social Site Audit
Leveraging social media to drive organic search traffic and control which pages rank highest in search engine results, presents a huge opportunity for search marketers. Consider the fact that just over half of the top 10,000 websites have social links or badges for one of the four prominent social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+) on their home page. As companies employing social engagement continue to see positive results, this figure is expected to grow, with more businesses following suit.
Universal Search
Universal search presents a huge opportunity for marketers. Thumbnails of images, videos, shopping, places and news in search results attract the most attention from users. Ranking for this content drives greater conversions while also grabbing market share from competition, since real estate on the first page of search results is limited.
Tasks & Workflow
Accelerate team collaboration with built-in project management designed for enterprise SEO. From dashboard reporting to automatically closing completed tasks, BrightEdge S3 tasks and workflow management system supports an integrated enterprise SEO workflow.
Social SEO
Search engines are increasingly using social media activity such as Likes, Tweets, Shares, and +1s to determine which pages are most relevant for keyword searches, and to provide a personalized search experience. This offers an enormous opportunity for marketers to leverage social media to directly impact SEO, improve search rankings, and increase revenue generated through organic search. BrightEdge was the first to integrate social signals into its powerful SEO platform, providing marketers with actionable insights that allow them to optimize their campaigns across site, search, and social channels for maximum ROI.
Global SEO
SEO practitioners at multi-national firms aspire to reach customers worldwide and drive leads, revenue and traffic through global initiatives. They also seek a greater return on marketing investments by looking beyond just a single country. Companies see global digital marketing as a means to maintain brand consistency worldwide while accommodating for local nuances. A global approach to digital marketing addresses these needs.
BrightEdge Connect - Google Analytics
BrightEdge Connect is a REST based protocol that seamlessly connects SEO performance, social metrics, web analytics, and marketing KPIs providing closed loop analytics for overall search performance.
Backlink Management
BrightEdge has integrated the SEOmoz Linkscape index of 450 billion links to provide marketers with a list of the exact backlinks competitors use to rank above the fold in organic search results.
Patented Share of Voice Technology
Share of voice is an innovation from BrightEdge that helps companies understand how their search rankings stack up against the competition. This unique and now patented capability allows companies to discover the entire competitive landscape for a group of keywords, what percentage of the keywords in the group they rank for, and the number of keywords for which they rank. This patented capability helps companies discover new competitors and create winning competitive SEO strategies.
Customizable Recommendations
The search landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. Even if your team is comprised of several SEO experts, it can be a challenge identifying all areas for improvement across your sites, understanding the impact, and knowing where to start. BrightEdge takes the guesswork out of SEO. Our proprietary algorithm analyzes all your targeted keywords and pages, along with the search volume, difficulty, and competitive landscape, providing a custom and prioritized plan of attack spanning across all the areas that can be improved on your site.
Customizable Dashboards
In the constantly changing world of SEO, instant access to high quality, actionable data is imperative for day-to-day operations, and to gain a competitive advantage. BrightEdge S3 provides SEO reporting in one place across your sites, keywords, backlinks, traffic and conversion metrics, and competitors across search engines, geographies, and devices.