Secure Search Whitepaper


A Guide To Secure Search

A Whitepaper to guide your SEO with Google’s Secure Search

Google’s shift towards 100% secure search is the single biggest change in SEO since the introduction of page rank and backlinks. With Secure Search, the metrics and methodology SEO practitioners have been using have dramatically changed, leading to an overnight paradigm shift. For search marketers, adapting to this revolutionary change is no longer an option, it's a necessity. We have put together this whitepaper in order to cut the confusion and to help marketers adapt to Secure Search SEO.

The whitepaper consists of the following:

  • Secure Search Manifesto – the 5 tenets of Secure Search
  • A new methodology to win in the world of Secure Search
  • Brightedge’s comprehensive solution to Secure Search


Secure Search Whitepaper