eCommerce Retailer Quill Increases Organic Traffic Over 270% in 1 Year

SEO Program Manager at Quill improved page load time and content strategy, growing page 1 keywords by over 800%

content indexation
increase in page one keyword rankings


Feygin wanted to develop a quality content hub that would: Have content that resonates with existing and new customers, drive organic traffic/revenue to the ecommerce platform, and be cutting-edge on the technical front. Yet the existing content hub/blog simply did not meet the criteria.


He devised a company-wide content strategy that efficiently lays out where to house each type of content, researched the latest technology with external partners, and partnered with exceptional content agencies that focus on driving organic traffic. The content strategy plan was a large undertaking that heavily relied on the utilization of competitive data available through Data Cube. He was then able to see exactly the type of content that was ranking and build out a keyword strategy. After thoroughly testing best day and time of day to release content – he increased the cadence of publication to 3 per week. Feygin also redesigned the web site to improve navigation and the user experience.

Eugene Feygin Quill


Load time decreased to well under 1 second (normally around .5), 98% content indexation on search engines, the number of keywords ranking on page 1 increased by over 800%, organic traffic grew 272% YoY, all of which proves the gains are attributable to the new content and SEO strategies.

A content strategy is key for any SEO campaign and BrightEdge was instrumental to our success.

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