BrightEdge Releases New Data, Shows Companies How Significantly Google’s New AI-Powered Search Engine Will Impact Their Business

Based on the data, Google’s Search Generative Experience is poised to affect over $40 billion per year in ad revenue on Google.


SAN MATEO, CA – January 18, 2024 – BrightEdge, the global leader in organic search, content and digital marketing automation, today released new data that highlights how significantly Google’s AI-enabled Search Generative Experience (SGE)—launching soon—will impact companies and their bottom line. According to the data, an estimated 84% of queries on Google Search will be boosted by generative AI. The data also shows that healthcare, e-commerce and B2B technology industries will be impacted the most significantly.

The business world is on the brink of a massive tectonic shift—powered by generative AI—that will completely change how brands market and sell their products. Google is expected to imminently go live with SGE, which uses AI to supercharge Search. Google will be able to analyze the context, sentiment, intent and nuances of each individual search, and in response, assert an opinion, telling users what to consider and care about.

For example, imagine a user searching for a specific car model. In the past, that query on Google Search might have shown results with links to a dealership website, car maker’s Wikipedia page,, Top Gear and Consumer Reports. The onus was on the consumer to do their research and form an opinion. Now, with SGE, the top result will be AI-generated content that will highlight key purchase considerations. In this case, that may look like high maintenance costs, poor gas mileage and supply chain constraints. This represents a fundamental shift in the way a search engine interacts with a user, moving from static queries to dynamic two-way conversations.

Since Google launched the beta version of SGE, BrightEdge has been piloting a new technology, BrightEdge Generative Parser™, that can accurately measure and track industry-by-industry patterns within SGE results as they happen. In order to determine how significantly SGE will impact search strategies by industry, BrightEdge has evaluated thousands of representative keywords spanning nine unique industries and a variety of markets. Here’s what the data reveals:

  • Healthcare: 76% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Ecommerce: 49% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • B2B Tech: 48% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Insurance: 45% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Education: 44% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Restaurants: 36% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Entertainment: 36%  of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Travel: 30% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE
  • Finance: 17% of queries analyzed were impacted by SGE

Based on the data, it’s likely that once SGE goes live it will impact over $40 billion per year in ad revenue on Google for marketers.

“For nearly two decades, BrightEdge has been providing high-performing marketers with powerful technology solutions and innovations that evolve their businesses and digital strategies. Google’s AI-powered SGE is the biggest technological shift that our industry has seen to-date,” said Jim Yu, Founder and Executive Chairman of BrightEdge. “This moment in time marks an earth-shattering inflection point for the marketing industry in particular, which has relied on organic search strategies to reach customers and sell products since the invention of digital marketing. Understanding how a brand is exposed to SGE is not just a matter of curiosity for marketers—it’s one of survival.”

“Think about the pervasiveness of Google Search; it’s the gateway to the Internet,” said Albert Gouyet, VP of Operations at BrightEdge. “Imagine how often you use it—when you buy a new pair of running shoes, choose what movie to see over the weekend, decide where to take your family for spring break, or pick a restaurant for dinner. Almost every decision a consumer makes online will be influenced by the new search experience. As Google’s latest launch catapults us from query-driven search to conversation-driven, AI-enabled search, the data clearly shows that businesses need to prepare themselves for a Search revolution.”


To learn more about how SGE will affect you and your business, view the data and visit BrightEdge’s “Ultimate Guide to Google SGE.”

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