What are the good content certifications?

What is the value of content certifications?

The world of digital marketing continues to change at a rapid pace. In the past four years, Google has introduced major SEO updates like the Hummingbird algorithm update, the introduction of RankBrain, and content quality and mobile updates.

Because the digital marketing world continues to change so quickly, content certifications can help marketers and writers remain up-to-date on their skills and the latest industry developments. Many courses only take a few weeks to complete, making it easy for marketers to learn the latest best practices. They also provide credentials so that content developers can show that they are prepared to create the material that aligns with the latest search engine updates.

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What types of content certifications are available?

There are a variety of content and online marketing certifications available. Many are virtual, allowing marketers to sit and listen to classes through recorded videos. Some of these are free and others cost money. While there are numerous options available virtually, there are also some available through brick-and-mortar locations for those who prefer to learn hands-on with a teacher present.

What are some of the best content certifications?

Market Motive

Market Motive offers a variety of certifications, including analytics and content marketing. This course provides students with a solid foundation, including how to create outstanding content to stand out in the digital ecosystem.

MarketingProfs University

The popular marketing education organization launched MarketingProfs University to provide marketers with the opportunity to learn more about the world of digital marketing. The video seminars share proven solutions to common content marketing.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute also offers a certification course designed to take you deeper into the world of online marketing. The video classes focus on 7 steps to success: planning, audience, story, channels, process, conversion, and measurement.

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