How to Improve Content Ranking?

What is the importance of rank?

Independent BrightEdge research shows that an estimated 51 percent of the traffic to your website arrives through organic search. This is more traffic than social media, paid advertising, and email combined. Over 60 percent of the clicks go to the listings in the top five spaces on the SERP. For your brand to be recognized and grow, you need to achieve optimal placement on SERPs for as many high-value keywords as you can.

What types of factors impact rank?

Major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, want to make sure that they show search results that offer high value to users. They want to ensure that the search results are relevant and helpful, and provide the information that the user is seeking. When you create a website, you should similarly keep user experience in mind when optimizing your content.

Although no one knows precisely what is involved in the rank of a particular site, a number of research studies have identified a few factors that have been shown to influence it. Focus on:

•Creating a website that is well-organized so that both users and search engine bots can easily understand and navigate it.

•Using topic and keyword research to ensure that the material reflects current interests.

•Incorporating features, such as images and relevant visuals, that help to boost engagement.

•Including the keyword naturally a few times in the body as well as in the H1 and H2 tags.

How do I improve my content ranking?

High quality content is the key to communicating effectively with visitors and search engines. Understanding how to optimize the material you already have on your site can help you improve the performance of your content during highly relevant searches. Focus on:

•Mapping your content to your ideal customers and their buyer journey. Knowing exactly who you are writing for and what they want to see will help you focus and improve your content.

•Checking your optimization efforts, including keyword usage and alt tags, to make sure your content is optimally structured for search engines.

•Using the BrightEdge backlink monitor to see if there are any opportunities to grow your backlink profile

•Distributing the content widely. If it is an older piece, you can include an update on the material to re-engage readers.