How to develop an effective webinar?

What value does a webinar offer brands?

Webinars offer a range of benefits for brands. To begin, they are a fantastic means of establishing trust with your target audience. You will be casting yourself as the authority and acting as a helpful resource for others.

Live webinars also allow you to interact personally with prospective customers. Your attendees will have the opportunity to hear you speak on topics that matter to them. Offering a question and answer (Q&A) section is a great way to get to know the questions and concerns of your target customers while establishing your authority in providing answers to these questions.

Effective webinars can also support other parts of your marketing strategy. You can use the registrant list to help grow your email lists so that you can continue to engage with prospects. The webinar can be recorded and offered as gated content after the session and continue to bring in more prospects and leads.

How do I decide what topics to cover?

The right topic is crucial for having an effective webinar. It will help you attract registrants and keep everyone engaged throughout the webinar. The key to understanding the topics that will interest people is researching the latest trends in your industry, including what other industry leaders are covering. This does not necessarily mean the topics that others are covering in webinars; if you repeat what everyone else is saying, you will not have an effective webinar. Instead, you want to find the topics that are attracting attention in articles, blogs, movies, and other formats that would also translate well to a strong webinar.

Use organic search research, such as through the BrightEdge Data Cube, to better understand the topics that people are searching for the most. This will help you find the topics that will attract audiences to your webinars. Consider the buyer’s journeys of your target customers and their pain points. This will help you understand what customers would like to read about that will help encourage them to progress through to conversion.

How do I develop an effective webinar?

An effective webinar will have three main parts:

  1. A strong draw that attracts people to register and attend
  2. A quality presentation that leaves people feeling encouraged and enthusiastic about you and your brand
  3. A strong follow up that encourages people to access recordings from the webinar or decks from your presentation as gated content

Here are some suggestions to help you assemble a thorough webinar program.

Creating a strong draw

  • Begin by creating an engaging and search-friendly headline.
  • Advertise your webinar throughout your distribution network. Creating preview videos, blog posts that describe what participants will learn, promotional announcements on newsletters and emails, and even using some paid search can all attract traffic to your webinar.
  • Create an appealing offer for those who attend the webinar, such as a 10 minute consultation or a new download, such as an infographic or white paper.

Assembling a quality presentation

  • Use an experienced presenter who knows how to deliver information in a friendly yet authoritative manner.
  • Do not fill up your presentation deck with too much text or dry bullet points. Instead, keep the text minimal and use engaging images.
  • Remember that people are more likely to recall feelings than numbers-- so do not just read off lists of statistics. Instead, incorporate the data into a greater story that connects with the users.

Ensuring a strong follow-up

  • Create articles and blog posts after the webinar, articulating the most important information that was shared and some of the best questions you received. Include a link to the gated webinar content.
  • Promote the recording and gated content on social media and your website.

Webinars can be great tools for boosting brand reach and reputation. Keeping these guidelines in mind will help guide you towards success.

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