How to develop blog topics to write about?

What is the role of blogs and articles in the sales funnel?

An estimated 94 percent of B2B buyers and 81 percent of consumers search online before making a decision about what to purchase. Other studies have indicated that as much as 67 percent of the buyer’s journey takes place online. In other words, your customers are using the Internet to learn about their options—independently and without direct guidance. Since the Internet has become a primary source of information for customers, failing to have a strong online presence can be devastating to a business.

Your blog articles and other website content should be designed to guide potential customers from one stage of the buyer’s journey to the next. Your content should nurture your relationships with customers and encourage them to respond to links and calls to action that provide them with content further down the sales funnel. The content you create should be carefully aligned with your ideal customers and should demonstrate that you are able to meet the needs of your readers and effectively build a relationship with them.

How can keyword and topic research improve content production?

Keyword and topic research should drive effective topic development for your website. Once you have outlined your buyer’s journey and customer personas, you should align customer pain points with the content they want to see at each at each stage of the journey towards a solution. Keyword research, such as through the BrightEdge Data Cube, allows you to see keywords that are related to various topics impacting your buyers. You can then select keywords that have high traffic rates, indicating that they are popular topics and have the best chances of helping you draw new prospects into your sales funnel.

How do I develop strong blog topics ideas?

If you are having trouble thinking of topics for your keyword research, consider these tips:

  • Look at your past content and see which topics have generated the most interest and engagement
  • Consider the topics that your customers are most likely to ask you about when they reach out to a sales person
  • Establish thought leadership by writing about news and the latest developments in your industry

You want to focus on generating topic ideas and content that provide value to your audience by helping to address their needs and concerns.

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