Enterprise SEO Platform

Big Data in the Cloud

When investing in technology to manage your organization’s organic search, it’s important to consider the software type (traditional vs. SaaS), the level of security, scalability, and reliability. Organic search and social is fundamentally a big data challenge. Behind Google’s search algorithm is a big data company that processes over 20 petabytes of data each year. And, social networks also process a massive dataset, which is an important consideration due to the positive correlation of social signals on search rankings.

Not all technologies are created equal. BrightEdge is the only enterprise SEO and Content Performance Marketing Platform on the market. BrightEdge processes over 100 terabytes of data each week, at scale, and with the same level of security as the largest US banks. BrightEdge leadership bring expertise in scalable cloud infrastructure and IT security from past experience at Salesforce.com and Ernst & Young’s security division, which leads to BrightEdge customers experiencing 99.9% uptime, in a multi-tenancy, pod-architecture-based, cloud environment.

The pod-based cloud architecture ensures all BrightEdge customers receive the latest software and technological innovations delivered through monthly releases. Users will receive the latest technology without software downloads, ensuring globally distributed teams always have the latest version of the technology. And that is what goes into an enterprise SEO platform.

BrightEdge has the necessary tools to protect our data.