Weekly Search Recap 4/16/11

Hello Everyone,

Here’s our Top 10 news and articles in search this week:

1. 7 Outdated SEO Tactics and What You Should Do Instead

If you are engaged in link buying, link exchanges, and keyword stuffing, then not only are you not helping your SEO, you are putting it at risk. This article points out 7 outdated tactics, along with productive white hat alternatives.

2. Multi-Channel Funnels & Assists Coming To Google Analytics

Big news from Google about Google Analytics: the latest update brings forth a variety of handy new features: cross channel-mix, assisted conversions, assist interactions, top paths, time lag, and time length are new capabilities to leverage your analytics.

3. Why Facebook is Wiping Out Orkut in India & Brazil

Facebook is the dominant social network in the United States, but in the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) other networks have been major players. Orkut dominated India & Brazil, but are now starting to lose their foothold. Why? This article has a theory.

4. What Is “Original” When It Comes To Content?

What is the definition of “original” content?  Interesting highlights from a discussion on a Google Webmaster Help thread.  Our take: it’s not your unique information and you don’t credit the original source, then it’s not original content.

5. 6 Simple SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Not everyone is ready for SEO on an enterprise level; if you are a small or new business, then you should definitely look at these very simple, but effective tips.

6. Why Expectations Factor Into SEO Success

This article highlights the importance of keeping your clients informed and happy. It’s all about creating a positive experience for everyone.

7. How To Build Business By Focusing On Click-Throughs & Conversions, Not Just Rankings

This is a really insightful article reminding SEOs to not entirely focus on increasing rank. Higher ranks, might lead to greater traffic, but if that traffic isn’t bringing in revenue to your business then it’s pointless. Focus on the right terms, the converting terms.

8. New Google Panda UK Stats: Article, Price Comparison Sites Slammed Hard

The long anticipated Google Panda Update has finally hit international waters by going live for all English nations. A list of the biggest losers from the update; price comparison sites were largely impacted.

9. Google’s Panda Update + Social = New Enterprise SEM Opportunities

The world of search is constantly changing and by association, so is SEO. The latest Google Panda update has leveled the playing field and by know most people should be aware of the importance of social on search. This article emphasizes the importance of not dwelling on the past, but being proactive and moving forward with new SEO strategies that focus on quality content.

10. Hitwise: Google Share Declines While Bing Gains Market Share

According to Hitwise, Google’s market share lost some of its foothold during March whereas Bing powered properties has increased its market share.

I hope you enjoy reading through these and have a great weekend!